The relationship Gobert-Mitchell : not perfect, but on the way to healing

La relation Gobert-Mitchell : pas parfaite, mais sur la voie de la guérison

The name of Rudy Gobert will forever be associated with the coronavirus and the player of the Utah Jazz has admitted to having gone through hard times, causing also some friction with his team-mate Donovan Mitchell. However, the two men have buried the hatchet in recent times.

The case of Gobert has been widely publicized in recent weeks. The French found themselves in the predicament after you have been tested positive to the COVID-19; a few days previously, he had acted casually by touching the microphones of the journalists attending one of his press briefings.

This gesture was as much liked Mitchell, who was eventually tested positive for the coronavirus also. On Friday, a source told the site The Athletic that the relationship between the two athletes was “unrecoverable”. However, they put water in their wine since, it seems. The site Yahoo! Sports has reported that they were able to explain on the phone Saturday, and that the interview had gone very well.

“It is true that we didn’t talked for some days, but it was discussed recently, said Gobert to the website Bleacher Report. We are ready to move forward and to try to help this team win a championship. Each person has a different relationship. […] The one between me and him is far from perfect.”

“However, the purpose of the account, we are both the same thing, and this is the victory. We are men with the maturity and we will do what it takes to win.”

When the positive diagnosis of Gobert at the COVID-19 has been known on the 11th of march, the NBA has interrupted its regular season which has not taken over the image of the activities of the other circuits of the sport planet.

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