The Rénoclimat program expanded to 1000 dollars

Without fanfare, the government Legault announced Thursday a bonus of 1000 $ for the program of residential renovation Rénoclimat to stimulate recovery.

“A bonus of $ 1000 of financial assistance will be given to participants who have received or requested by December 31, 2020 evaluation after work “, one can read on the website of the energy Transition Québec (TEQ), updated Thursday afternoon.

New measures

Since the 11th of last may, Quebecers have the right to further measures to cover the costs of renovations to make their home more green.

For example, a new additional financial support of $ 1,000 is granted temporarily for the installation of a heat pump.

“A single enhanced amount of $ 1,000 is given per dwelling (and not by number of devices installed),” says TEQ on this subject.

Quebec also announced that it will pay the visits energy assessment prior to work that revolve around a $ 150 for a single-family home or $ 250 for a duplex.

Quebecers who replace their heating with fossil fuel by the power system are entitled to $ 1,000 more to the program Heat green.

Another temporary help of $ 1000 is given to the contractors for each project of maison Novoclimat, retroactive to November 1, 2019.

“The first step”

Thursday afternoon, the Association of professional construction and housing of Quebec (APCHQ) has welcomed this cascade of measures.

“We believe this is a first encouraging step to support and stimulate the field of construction and renovation, energy efficient Québec “, stated François Bernier, senior vice president of public affairs.

In recent weeks, the APCHQ has proposed the introduction of a tax credit on renovation expenses, the tax credit for the purchase of a first property or the full or partial refund of the transfer tax for first-time buyers.

Remember that the sector of the construction and renovation of residential represents almost $ 30 billion of spending per year and more than 150 000 direct jobs, according to the APCHQ.

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