The representative Alibasov have proved that the poisoning was not staged

13 days after the poisoning by cleaning fluid for pipes “Mole” Bari Alibasov was discharged from the hospital. Quick amendment has caused doubts among some experts regarding the plausibility of the whole story. PR Director Alibasov Vadim Garancin provided the public with a medical certificate confirming the fact of chemical burns, writes TASS.

The document stated that doctors washing the stomach star patient, “washings” found impurities in the blood. Alibasova common was diagnosed with ulcerative-necrotic burn esophagitis, common burn erosive gastritis and substance-induced psychosis.

Also surrounded by alibasova released the results of the analyses 72-year-old producer, indicating the presence in the body of psychoactive substances and phenazepam chlorprothixene.

Bari Alibasov was in the hospital June 4. Doctors diagnosed him with significant burns of the esophagus, stomach and respiratory tract. For several days he remained in a drug-induced sleep, and then went to the amendment.