The reputation of Quebec could allow for better rebound in the tourism sector

As elsewhere, the pandemic may deal a fatal blow to tourism sector enterprises in Quebec, but local stakeholders believe that the Old Capital will be in a good position for recovery because of its enviable reputation.

Laurent Bourdeau, who leads the research Chair in tourism at Université Laval, is both worried in the short term without the be in the medium and long term.

“I meet people from the tourism industry and it is hard on the morale. It will hurt — it’s already been wrong, but I think that the tourism industry will continue on to Quebec. I feel a confidence, because in tourism, you’re condemned to innovate. There are actors who will come out of the market for economic reasons, unfortunately, but there are others who will pass through and it will be necessary to support them “, expose it in an interview.

Impacts difficult to quantify

“In Quebec, the industry is strong. There are headings important in the hospitality industry and we have people with knowledge and networks. I have concerns however in relation to business collaborative [like Airbnb]. It can negatively affect the hosting and there are things that we’re going to have to be very careful “, he warns.

“At this point, it is hard to calculate the impacts. There eventually will be a recovery, but nobody knows the date. If I had a crystal ball, I’d be rich, ” puts into perspective the director of communications and marketing at Office du tourisme de Québec, Éric Bilodeau.

“In a few years, it will surely to normal, but with habit changes. Which ? I don’t know. We don’t want too speculate on the future and to embark on the worst-case scenarios “, he adds.

Return of the cruise lines

The cruise ship industry will also be time to get up. But when the activities start and the confidence in travel returns, the CEO of the Port of Québec, Mario Girard, believes that the City of Québec ” will be able to resume its place “, thanks to its reputation.

“The cruise ships are going to first have to demonstrate that they are equipped to deal with a contagion like we saw. But the day that it is going to resume, I think that Quebec will be clearly advantaged because it is a safe destination. “

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