The researchers assessed the danger of electric cars for the environment

Ученые оценили опасность электрокаров для окружающей среды

It is reported by telegram-channel “Avtomir”.

In the journal Nature published an article whose authors came to the conclusion that the growth of production elektronov will lead to a new environmental disaster. According to scientists

1 million cars sold by 2017 will mainstream the emergence of 250 thousand tons of hazardous waste. And beside that, if current demand for electric vehicles by 2040 will need to build 8 ghafari for the production of batteries. And the problem of their utilization is still not solved.

Scientists propose to agree to manufacturers and to introduce uniform standards for batteries, make them more easy to disassembly, which will help them better processing and minimizes harm to the environment.

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Scientists from MIT have developed a new alternative to LiDAR for Autonomous car that is known about the new smartphone Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro.

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