The researchers said, it will help coffee to lose weight

Исследователи рассказали, поможет ли кофе похудеть

American scientists have proven that coffee is a beverage which promotes weight loss. The results of the study showed that people who drink a morning Cup of coffee, eat 10% less Breakfast, but they compensate for the lack of calories throughout the day.

Study author Professor Carol Denissen from the State University of new York said that coffee suppresses the appetite and helps the metabolism. Drink strong coffee in the morning can reduce people’s Breakfast, but it won’t make the waist smaller, warns a new study. The fact that the lack of calories people compensate during the day and ate more food than I could for Breakfast.

Nutritionists recommend to lose weight to drink a glass of pure water before meals. The teachings say that this method will help Breakfast to eat fewer calories.


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