The researchers showed amazing video of asteroid collision with the Earth

Ученые показали удивительное видео столкновения астероида с Землей

The researchers argue that the diameter of the heavenly bodies was only two meters.

June 2 fell to Earth asteroid. Scientists have shown the townsfolk had a video of it crashed into earth’s surface. Notice that this phenomenon managed to experts from Catholic sky survey in Arizona. The researchers argue that it was quite dim, and therefore not supposed to burn up in the atmosphere, however, it appeared that a large part of the asteroid disappeared when approaching the planet. Diameter of a celestial body made up of about two meters. Experts have called his 2018 LA. The distance to the Earth’s surface was 384,6 thousand kilometers. As stated by the head of the research center of near-earth objects Paul khodas, the combustion process of the object in the upper atmosphere caught on camera by random witnesses who later handed over the footage to scientists. Astronomers have decided to publish the resulting video to a colourful phenomenon could enjoy everyone.

Earlier we wrote that NASA scientists have shown how over Africa effectively exploded asteroid. The researchers showed a video, which depicted the process of falling heavenly bodies.


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