“The reshuffle in the statements.” US ready to fight with Turkey?

"Чехарда в заявлениях". Готовы ли США воевать с Турцией?

© REUTERS / Murad SezerWashington is ready for military action against Turkey, said U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo. Your opinion about how we need to perceive such statements on radio Sputnik was expressed by the expert Vladimir Phytin.
Washington is ready for military action against Turkey, but prefers peace to war, said the US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo.”But if <…> the military action would be necessary, then you should know that the President trump is ready to take such action,” said Pompeo in an interview with CNBC, his words leads RIA Novosti.Turkey holds 9 October in North-East Syria operation “Source of peace” against the Kurdish groups, which previously had the protection of the United States. The U.S. military withdrawal from the North-East of Syria and Washington’s consent to a military operation of Turkey in this area in the United States caused controversy, many politicians criticized the decision of the administration of President Donald trump criticized.The expert of the Russian Institute for strategic studies (RISS) Vladimir Fotin suggested on radio Sputnik whether the words of U.S. Secretary of state about military action against Turkey to become a reality.”I highly doubt it. Serious filter it is necessary to treat any statements of the current American administration, because the mess in these statements is always present, starting with the President. Hard to imagine that the United States put such ultimatums to the biggest NATO ally, the country with the second strongest army in the framework of this unit. Military clash with the Turkish army – is not that unlikely, but unrealistic in the current environment, I don’t see one of the American leaders went to such actions”, ‒ said Vladimir Phytin.Washington and Ankara on 17 October agreed to suspend the Turkish military operation in Northern Syria to 120 hours and the withdrawal of Kurdish forces from the 30-kilometer zone along the border with Turkey. This zone Ankara intends to gain control.The Syrian government has repeatedly condemned the occupation policy of Turkey in Northern Syria. Russia has said that Ankara must avoid actions that may stand in the way of settlement of the Syrian conflict, ongoing since 2011.

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