The resistance is organized

La résistance s’organise

Professional boxers quebec does not have the intention to lower the arms in front of the national director of public health, Dr Horacio Arruda.

As we know, Dr. Arruda has mentioned that he is considering the possibility of keeping combat sports confined until the time when there would be a vaccine or a cure for the COVID-19.

In recent hours, a number of stakeholders in the world of professional boxing in quebec have decided to take social networks by storm. Among them, there is Kim Clavel.

The pugilist, who has worked in the hot zones of the CHSLD for several months, was big on the heart.

“It is my job, my passion, and I am in the peak of my career,” she wrote. Yes, I boxing in the United States on July 21, but the rest, it’s going to be what ?

“I’ll come back here and wait for a vaccine ? It’s not the issue. I was sent to work in the last few months in the sections of the CHSLD the most contaminated of Quebec, but I would go boxer in secure areas with an entourage and a rival tested ? “

It has maintained its momentum.

“Why I can follow a protocol, fixed and secure in the United States, but not here in Quebec ? What is the real reason ? It is the livelihood of several athletes, coaches, promoters, fitness and gyms.

Prevent ” boxing in Quebec for a few months would destroy a decade of dreams, realities and career. “

Décarie adds

After the promoter Camille Estephan, it was the turn of the director-general of Eye of the Tiger Management, Antonin Decarie, to make known his opinion on the situation of combat sports.

“This is an insane situation, he said in a video posted on its social networks. I understand that
Dr. Arruda wants to protect the public by preventing the spread of the virus.

“However, it has submitted a protocol very professional for the holding of a gala. It reduces the risk of spreading the virus to almost zero. It would be safe for the boxers. “

“The situation is critical. The careers of several boxers in the game. It is important that public Health understands that all measures would be taken to ensure that our sport is practiced safely. “

Movement on Facebook

Thursday evening, the boxer Marie-Pier Houle has launched a page on Facebook that opposes the project by Dr. Arruda.

In less than 24 hours, more than 300 people showed their support to the cause of stakeholders of professional combat sports in Quebec.

“I think it is totally unrealistic to let the government interfere directly in our sport by not doing anything to make things happen, said Swell when The Newspaper was contacted on Friday.

“Since the launch of the page, I get messages, testimonies, and encouragement from everywhere in order not to let go of the cause. I am ready to go to war for the boxing to come back ! “

♦ After his victory against Jerry Forrest, on Thursday evening in Las Vegas, the Frenchman Carlos Takam said that he would like to face Oscar Rivas in his next fight. The promoter Yvon Michel is already on the folder and it will do everything for this fight materializes for the fall.

A call for dialogue

If the department of public health decides to ban fighting in Quebec until the discovery of a vaccine against the COVID-19, this are not only not professional boxers who will be penalized.

Amateur boxing could also suffer from such a decision.

“What is frustrating is that we had no dialogue with the government or public Health, referred to the president of the quebec Federation of olympic boxing (FQBO), Ariane Fortin. This is disappointing.

“I hope that there will be some opening soon. “

The federations of combat sports, which is part of the FQBO, have made new proposals for their phase 2 of déconfinement.

“What we have proposed is more restrictive, has added Fortin. It would be sub-groups of four boxers who could do the mitts and sparring together. There has still been no response after a week. I guess they have not yet been made there. “

Fortin would like to understand the motivations behind the decisions of the public Health.

“It was not rational and there is no schedule for the process, she stressed. We deserve to know. I believe that there is a lack of knowledge of the sport and the environment. “

Management Alberta

The side of Boxing Canada, whose national centre is located in Montreal, a possible ban of combat sports in quebec could have a significant impact.

“It is the prohibition of the sparring that would do the most harm to our national team,” said the director of high performance Daniel Trépanier. For battles and tournaments, the impact would be less important, because it participates especially in competitive international.

“In recent weeks, it was the intention to imitate the federation of judo and train in Alberta, where the contacts are allowed. If Arruda is moving forward, this project will become reality. “

However, this reality has a cost. For a camp of 14 days to twenty people, we’re talking about a budget of $40,000.

Trepanier also believes that such a decision would hurt the national long-term programme.

“We would see a detrimental effect on the number of boxers affiliated. If a boxer can not have access to the competition in Quebec, is he going to want to pay its affiliation fee to Boxing Canada ? The answer is no. “At the present time, we find eight Quebec on the 13-member national team.

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