The respect for the CH

TORONTO | The Penguins leave widely favorite in this series three to five of the qualifying round in the face of the Canadian. On the eve of the first match, Mike Sullivan, however, assured to stay away from inflammatory statements.

“There’s nobody who takes the CH to the light,” said the head coach of the Penguins. We have a lot of respect for Montreal. We’ll need to be at our summit. I like the mentality to go one game at a time. We think just the first match. “

By good captain, Sidney Crosby has also tried to mitigate the advantage of his team in terms of experience.

“The experience is good, but it don’t guarantee anything, has replicated the phenomenon of Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia. We have gone through situations. We also have young players who will discover the series. We have to improve every day. Experience has taught me that. “

“We look forward, we like to play hockey,” said winger Patric Hornqvist. There will be the conquest of the Stanley Cup as a challenge. It is very exciting. And for the supporters, it will be a festival of hockey with several meetings. “


The image of several players and coaches over the past few days, Crosby has added his voice to praise the work of the leaders of the NHL in the organization of that stimulus in the hockey after a break of more than four months, and at the heart of a pandemic of the COVID-19.

“I’m happy with the result, mentioned Crosby. There are several things to consider to ensure our safety. We have followed the right steps. I feel safe in the bubble. This is our new normal with testing, and social distancing. With the return of hockey and the important matches, we are back to normal a little. I really look forward to. “

Murray or Jarry ?

Sullivan has hidden his game in his choice for his starting goalkeeper. When asked whether he would trust Matt Murray or Tristan Jarry, he simply replied that he would decide the fate of her guardian the same day of the match.

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