The rest of the week can be fired Favorova and Khomenko from GWL

До конца недели могут уволить Фаворова и Хоменко из УГВ

The end sneaks up on us… According to Buriki COBOL can get rid of his friend Favorova before the end of the week. Not willingly, of course. In principle, it is retaliation and revenge Vitrenko, who took advantage of the fact that Favorov run into an American and an international scandal to impeach Trump. In fact, as it turned out Favorov is associated with two international crooks and friends of Giuliani by Romanom and Parnassus.They recognized that they had numerous contacts with Favoravel. Parnas and Truman was recently in the United States arrested and released on bail. These two “devils” enemies of the trump Democrats suspect that they, along with the Minister of energy Rick Perry wanted to change the head of Naftogaz KOBOLEV on Favorova. Favorov allegedly staged the camarilla, as lobbied for the purchase of LNG from the US and blocked the development of gas production in Ukraine. Now we are talking about the resignation of Perry. Trump besieged on all sides. As for KOBOLEV, it was well received by the US Ambassador Yovanovitch, which is “iron” Democrat and friends trump to replace it Favorova seems logical. And all this came out in the American press as an extra touch to the Ukrainian-American megabrands, which brings trump to impeachment.And here in this situation to his American friends of the environment trump asked Vitrenko, who proposed to resolve the situation simply and elegantly – Favorova to merge. And Democrats will have nothing to cover. Moreover, they can be blamed, but because your man is sitting in Naftogaz… Brilliant. And Vitrenko will return to the cage in Naftogaz, said where he was stripped of his influence, and put “looking” over KOBOLEV, and when to end the contract altogether in its place. In fact, such a plan, people from the administration trump and offer Zelensky. He thinks he is. By the way, Vitrenko in the Supervisory Board Ukroboronprom recently got. The Americans have it right.And under the hand needs to get a member of the Board of the subsidiary Andrey Khomenko, who will remove just the quiet along with Favorova, but not because he’s a man. Khomenko do people Poroshenko and Konstantin Grigorishin. But it is clear that these really are “veterans of the criminal authorities” Zelensky and certainly needs to be cleaned.The drill

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