The results of a survey of the residents of Donbass Kiev plunged into shock

Результаты опроса жителей Донбасса повергли Киев в шок

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The party of Vladimir Zelensky “servant of the people” tries to comply with all obligatory rituals inherent in this political force. On Sunday held its extraordinary Congress, which was elected the new head of the party, Alexander Kornienko.Just had a new head put your “homework” about the fact that “the party should be sexy and should excite,” as he himself immediately filed a request to comment on the results loud sociological research on attitudes in DND and LNR carried out by Ukrainian organizations from 7 to 31 October.When the Ukrainian politicians do not know what to say, he begins to cosplay as Vitali Klitschko. Alexander Kornienko had to completely get into the character of the mayor of Kiev to answer something: “of Course, these trends must also be borne in mind, doing life decisions on this matter”.No need to laugh. In Ukraine now, nobody knows how to comment on the results of a survey conducted “Ukrainian Institute for the future” and the edition “Mirror of week. Ukraine” with the help of the research company “new Image Marketing Group”.The numbers were so shocking that leading Ukrainian politicians have used the weekend to not say anything at all. But to say still have.So, what we have.Fifty-five percent of the population of Donbas consider themselves to be Ukrainians. This news seems to be good for Kiev. Once in Donetsk and Lugansk are Ukrainians, then they must be protected from the terrible “Russian world”. But it is also how to turn.”Fusion” Ukrainian patriots, especially those from Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk regions, in may 2014 urged not to regret in the Donbass shells and mines, because the Ukrainians were the Bolsheviks wiped out in the early 30’s, and emptied the Donetsk steppe settled in Russian “from Kursk and Bryansk.” Their descendants still trample the innocent Ukrainian land and hate, respectively, all Ukrainian.
It turns out, no. Even five years of war has forced to leave the “occupied territories” to “free” or Kharkov Smoothly and there forging a future victory over the Russian invaders.Despite the fact that ethnic Ukrainians in the DNI and LC, more than half of the total population, 90 percent of the population of Donetsk and Lugansk regions say home in Russian. And this calls into question not only the prospects of Ukrainization of these territories (of course, the prospect of even more theoretical than the construction of hyperloop Kiev — Odessa). But this again raises the vexed question about the reasons for the bloody conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

Результаты опроса жителей Донбасса повергли Киев в шок

In February 2014, the Verkhovna Rada canceled the law on principles of state language policy, which gave Russian language the status of regional in 13 of 27 regions of Ukraine. And two months later, in the Donbass the first shots rang out.As showed the subsequent events, the residents of Donetsk and Lugansk fairly accurately predicted what awaits them next. And then — this. With 2020 in Ukraine there will be no Russian schools. Officially. All the teaching is just for the sovereign move.From the point of view of those for whom the Russian language — “cloacal”, this is not a reason for war. And all the rest, for whom language is not only cultural, but personal identity is like clothing a yellow star to sew.
It defines the whole point of the five-year war in the Donbass. People didn’t want strangers treated them as untermensch, who speak a barbarous dialect and civilize.Kyiv journalists and bloggers in its sixth year at war with Russia, which it was not. And 75 percent of respondents called the war in the Donbass, domestic conflict, in which the guilty of Maidan Kiev authorities. The last accused in the war, 92 percent have gone through. As you are such a consensus?If I were a Ukrainian journalist, honestly, I wouldn’t know how to explain it. The argument about the incredible influence of Russian television on people’s minds is, of course, is good and ought to inspire optimism in employees “Ostankino”. But, actually, we are talking about people, about whom television programs, in fact, removable. They live inside this endless television picture, which does not change for five years.
All other numbers are held in the Donbas represents shaped mockery of the ideology of the war for independence.For example, 85 percent of the population DND and LNR believe that “Krymnash”. In the sense that a somewhat artsy question “Russia’s Actions in Crimea is a legitimate defense of Russian-speaking citizens, alienated Ukraine?” they answer in the affirmative.No masochism in this. To part with the Crimea residents of the DNR/LNR not going: 56.4 per cent focused on Russia and has already taken or intend to take Russian citizenship.You know? The Russian army five years shells of large caliber, pretending to be Mat, and they still want Russian passports. Strange people.Moreover, 64 percent of the people in DNR/LNR say that see the future of Donbass in Russia. Someone in the form of occurrence of the unrecognized republics in structure of Russia as the rank and file of the Federation, someone says about their status.One figure in the survey of Ukrainian sociologists just looks like a control shot to the head of the Kiev Euro-optimists. The level of trust the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky there is 1.3 percent.

And that’s good. Because of the hatred fourth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko admitted 98 percent of the residents of the two republics.Now let’s talk about the powerful Russian propaganda. Russian TV brainwash millions of viewers and makes them docile and weak-willed performers of the plans of the Kremlin. This argument is mandatory for the Ukrainian media, trying to explain himself and his audience what is happening in the Donbass. Only not convinced.
The Soviet people treated state propaganda for 75 years, from birth to death. But in 1989, still all rushed to build capitalism and soulless to listen to the band “Mirage”.Propaganda is a drug very short-acting. A month, two, three… Then the effect drops considerably. But if you’re five years old shoot from mortars and systems of volley fire people bearing the insignia of the Armed forces of Ukraine, produces a conditioned reflex. You know exactly what shooting those who want to kill you.It works stronger than any propaganda.Sergey Mardan

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