The return in force of plastic bags in supermarkets

Le retour en force des sacs en plastique dans les supermarchés

Because of the COVID-19, industry plastic bags back in force after having been abandoned by several retailers.

For the past few days, several companies, such as Loblaw, no longer accept the reusable bags, in particular to protect their employees. Franchise of IGA supermarkets have also changed their policies.

Recall that the march 19, IGA planned to ban the use of plastic bags in Quebec and New Brunswick. This measure was already in force since September on the entire territory of Montréal.

In the last few days, the quebec-based company Packaging EB has delivered more than 100 000 plastic bags in some IGA supermarkets. The direction of Packaging EB concedes that it is a reversal of the situation.

“I am currently in discussions with Sobeys,” says the Journal, the president and CEO, Frédéric Lessard. “I could produce with my machine for about 125,000 bags to the shoulder straps by week,” says the business man.

Packaging EB product per year to over 200 million bags of different models. The company has 25 employees at its plant in East Broughton. No layoff has not yet been necessary.

The delay in the recycling

Regarding the environmental issue, Mr. Lessard responded that it is possible to recycle plastic bags. Quebec, however, is poorly equipped to limit the impact on the environment.

“I recycle 140 000 pounds per year. Nothing goes in the trash. With my scraps, I can make some more bags “, avance-t-il. “We have been delayed in Québec for the recycling of plastic. We can do better “, he adds.

At Loblaw, the temporary abandonment of the bags single-use key including the brands Maxi, Provigo and Pharmaprix, confirmed employees.

On the side of Metro, the reusable bags are still allowed in all of the supermarkets. The customer however, needs to pack his goods.

Increase sales

Packaging EB is not the only company to have seen its sales jump in the last few days for some products. The Groupe PolyAlto in Quebec has sold plexiglas and visors in large quantities.

The company is also working on security partitions which could be installed in hospitals or offices, as well as transparent boxes that would allow the medical staff to administer care without compromising their safety.

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