The return of hockey is good in Quebec city

Le retour du hockey fait du bien à Québec

The atmosphere was festive on Saturday night, in some of the sports bars of Quebec, on the occasion of the first match of the playoffs of the NHL, between the Montreal canadiens and the Pittsburgh Penguins.

If they are more or less likely to express their confidence in the Holy Flannel in this duel to the Penguins, one thing is for sure : hockey fans couldn’t wait any longer.

“We listen to the hockey since we were toddlers. To be able to do when it’s sunny outside, it is a beautiful combo ! One does not complain, it’s good ! ” started Cedric Madore, met at Boston Pizza Lebourgneuf.

“We wanted to be in a “tribe” for the resumption of the hockey, it is fun to live it with other people. We are fans finished of Canadians ! ” said his side Antoine Bergeron, who was wearing a mask bearing the image of his favorite team.

Forget the pandemic

The craze has also been felt at the Cage aux sports Lebourgneuf, a few streets further on, through the “Go Habs Go” and shouts of joy at the moment to see flicker the red light.

The Cage Lebourgneuf was full according to the maximum capacity of the public Health.

“This is special, hockey in the middle of August ! But it is pleasant, it makes you forget the pandemic a little bit, ” said J-C Girard, decked out in the black sweater and yellow of the Penguins.

“We came to the restaurant to listen to the game because we wanted to have the atmosphere. As there are no supporters in the stands, we came to make our own atmosphere here ! ” added Benjamin Forest, sitting at his side.


And the ambiance, this is not what he was lacking in the establishment situated on the boulevard des Gradins. The place was full, within the limits imposed by the public Health.

“This is our biggest day of bookings since re-opening. The phone rings for several days in anticipation of this day. It wants Canadians to earn in order to give it a little boost for the next week ! ” was suggested by the director-general of la Cage aux sports Lebourgneuf, Johan Bolf.

Nadine Méthot and his family were present at the match.

Usually, the weeks of construction are “the two worst weeks” of the year for the institution. It goes without saying that the return of the national hockey League is welcomed with open arms by the restaurateurs.

“The sport, it is the heart and soul of the Cage. The resumption of the NHL, it does us good after all the crisis that we have known “, concludes Mr. Bolf.

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