The return of the NHL: so many questions without answers

Retour de la LNH: tellement de questions sans réponses

Many points remain to be clarified in view of the resumption of the activities in the national hockey League (NHL).

Even if the players voted in favor of the scenario proposed by the 31 governors of the circuit Bettman, so many questions remain without answers.

To start with the format of the series. Of the 24 teams qualified in the top 12 of each association according to the percentage of points collected at the time of the interruption of the season, those classified from the 5th to the 12th will compete in first round qualifier in a series of three to five.

This will especially be the case for the Montreal canadiens, good 12, who face the Pittsburgh Penguins (5th).

During this time, four clubs from the head of each association (Boston, Tampa Bay, Washington and Philadelphia in the East; St-Louis, Colorado, Vegas, and Dallas in the West) will compete each other in a round robin tournament with the hope of improving their lot for the following.

However, the formula for the “real” series to 16 teams has not yet been chosen. The option of a four-of-seven, as is the tradition, would be preferred, but we also consider the possibility of holding on to a three of five in the first round, reported The Athletic on Saturday.

Another point to clarify : will there be a fixed array, in the manner of the tennis tournaments, or confrontations will be developed according to the position in the ranking by date of march 12?

The list is long…

But before you resume the action, it will be necessary to determine the essential : when and where the tournament will be organized, but especially in what conditions.

Since the season is in break, the players insist that health and safety should take precedence over the rest.

They will therefore need to be reassured before giving their backing to the project, which must be approved by 18 of the 31 members of the executive committee of the players ‘ Association (NHLPA).

When will start the training camps? What will be their duration? At what point the NHL will she be able to meet the sanitary criteria that will be required? Players will be tested every day? What happens if a player is declared positive, the COVID-19? Who will be quarantined?

In short, a lot of questions in the area of health are still pending…

For places games, the NHL would hesitate between to gather players in two or four cities.

Las Vegas should be one of them, support multiple sources, including The Journal. The other place may well be located in Canada, according to TSN, who suggested that the first option is more likely.

Despite all these issues, the highest levels of the NHL are convinced that hockey is on the point of starting again, somewhere by the end of the month of July. Much to the delight of the fans!

Here are the matchups :


• Pittsburgh (5th) c. Montreal (12th)

• Caroline (6th) c. NY Rangers (11th)

• NY Islanders (7e) c. Florida (10th)

• Toronto (8th) c. Columbus (9th)


• Edmonton (5th) c. Chicago (12th)

• Nashville (6th) c. Arizona (11th)

• Vancouver (7th) c. Minnesota (10th)

• Calgary (8th) c., Winnipeg (9th)

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