The reverse of racism

I take advantage of a letter published in your Letter to write you what I think about racism. It bore the title ” racism is genetic ? “That lady there told of how her husband (White) was not taking his party when the rest of the family tell him jokes or questioned directly on his negritude.

I dare to express myself on the subject because I have lived what she is living, and that the price to pay for me to be silenced for ten years of marriage is totally disproportionate. It’s nice to be quiet, to buy peace, to sketch a simple smile to calm the passions, to ensure peace in his marriage and preserve the equilibrium of our children, but in the long term, it encourages us to develop a self-defense inner.

I taisais with the noble reason that my husband loved me and built a happy family. But the denial of reality is transformed into frustration not declared. Despite that I’m a girl with a high self-esteem, I began to feel violated in my identity. The worst thing is to feel abandoned, having regard to his silence, by the man who was supposed to love me.

The biggest losers were my three children. Growing up as I responded no, they had the impression that I was a doormat on which grand-dad could pour its sacred and its jokes are displaced on the Black. What is not said as it became a consent silent, my intuition of the mother has started to make me feel that my son, imitating her silence that of his father, said to me: “Wake up mom, you’re not less than nothing ! “

These remarks were always of racist prejudice, calling my country of origin is poor, thus dependent. How many times have I heard :” I went to fetch it in Africa ” ! Making Me pass for “the little Black saved of misery” when I was an entrepreneur dynamics in my country. Lovers of Africa to the start, my children have become afraid about it.

Then I put on my panties and I am a part of. The man for whom I was representing a “jewel black” before you, impelled by his own father who had finally convinced him that I was not the right woman for him, has made me the worst trouble, until I remove my children.

It was hard to go up the coast. But I have to rise up to regain custody of my children. I will never be the “chalice of black woman” of a father-in-law racist. I am become the one that I chose to be. Then you, a wife, a mom unhappy and worried that writing to Louise this morning : “arise and save your children. This is your mission “.

A Black mother who said NO to racism

Thank you for your inspiring story. My apologies for having had to shorten your letter, too long to include in full in this column. A letter describing with precision the ravages of racism. Hope that your testimony be to react the person you are talking to. And personally, I encourage everyone to do the examination of conscience on the subject.

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