The rider for a perfect foot: an effective exercise for weight loss

Всадник для идеальных ног: эффективное упражнение для похудения

The ideal figure is the dream of many. In order to achieve it, you need to make the effort. To increase your physical activity offer an effective exercise for losing weight “Rider”. A godsend for those who want to have perfect legs!

Exercise for weight loss and perfect legs

Intensive and systematic execution of simple movements will help you to get rid of subcutaneous fat and get a perfectly slim legs. So what is this miracle exercise? At its core, it resembles the special respiratory fitness technique — bodyflex, however, plays a much greater influence on the process of losing weight. Let’s move on directly to the movements.+

Become in a position directly, stretching his arms up. In this hands hold together, and feet hip-width apart. Next you need to take a deep breath, and then exhale the air. The important thing is that the exhalation must be done quickly, and that it was like a “burst of air” with the mouth with a sound “Bang”.+

Всадник для идеальных ног: эффективное упражнение для похудения

Then, without breathing, tense the abdominal muscles and squat position like you are sitting on a surface. The hips should be parallel to the floor, and knee muscles at a right angle. Don’t forget that hands are still at the top.+

Pull arms up as high as possible, while other parts of the body should be motionless. Not breathing are in this position for approximately 5-15 seconds. Then rise from the seated position, hands down. Then you can take a breath.+

Всадник для идеальных ног: эффективное упражнение для похудения

Repeat these movements three times in one approach. For more effective result, you can perform the exercise “the Rider” at least 3 times a day. And soon you will forget about excess fat and you will have legs of their dreams.

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