The rides will stay in the warehouses

Les manèges resteront aux entrepôts

Symbols of fun and festive gathering, the 51 rides Beauce Carnival may continue to be stored until 2021 to the great discouragement of its owner Jacques Vallée.

No special action appears to be possible when the objective of a business is to attract the crowds.

“There is a gathering. This is unfortunate, I have the most beautiful profession in the world. I amuse people. I like it better that they catch the magic that the COVID. I can’t tell people to be two metres. I’ll try to find something to keep my key employees, ” said the boss looking at its amenities and many trucks immobilized at Saint-Benoît-Labre, near Saint-Georges.

Beauce Carnival travels the roads with his caravan for a long time. The company was founded in 1953 by Florian Vallée and his wife, who quickly organized a first tour across Québec. In full pandemic, the fairgrounds will not be on the list of summer activities this year. Quebec has requested the cancellation of all festivals and public events sports and cultural until 31 August.

First appointment

The season 2020 should also start this week-end in Saint-Georges, in the parking lot of the church of the Assumption. The teams were then split into two for a tour of both the south and the north until September.

“I would like to be able to organize a big fair in September for three weeks if ever it is possible. After some time, people will say “it is enough !” “said Mr. Valley. As for many others, uncertainty persists and incomes have fallen to zero.

“The federal government can send me 40 000 $. Just the winter here, it is $ 100,000 per month to operate and I am not open. It is necessary to inspect. If my trucks are not plated, and my equipment do not go out, it would be a year and a half that nothing has changed in April 2021. “

Long wait

After a stop too long, its fleet of trucks may also need to be inspected by an authorized agent of the SAAQ to register again. Cost to be added.

In the meantime, Jacques Vallée went to work every day to do a little cleaning, and caring for the spirit. The consequences of such a judgment are as heavy if the big wheel does not turn. “We’re going to wait. But there are limits. If I wait two years, you will have to sell the business. There are 210 employees, but also all the organizations that do not have a rental income with us. “

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