The right people: “the WORLD” held a rally in honor of mother’s Day in Bishkek



TV and radio company “MIR” held in Bishkek, the event dedicated to the celebration of mother’s Day. For all the women sang songs and greetings. The correspondent of “MIR 24” Daria Kim watched the celebration.

Pink roses as symbol of tenderness and love for the mother. Every woman in Bishkek’s Victory Park today I received such a sign of attention from television and radio company “MIR”. Mother’s day in Kyrgyzstan have called the second on 8 March.

Victory Park – one of the favorite places of the townspeople. There is always a walk, young mothers with children.

Square placed cards with recognition in two languages – Kyrgyz and Russian, which read: “Mom, I love you!” and “Thank you, mother.” Their embarrassed asking for men to give to their mothers. But the festive mood of the children.

“I have tears in my eyes again, thanks to organizers, thanks to all. I think mom is a great word. My mother died, and I with such bitterness joy remember it”, – said the resident of Bishkek Rosul Aliyev.

“The most important thing — happiness, happiness that she saw in her children, and the children answered her in the same big, bright happiness. Mother more is needed!”, – says a resident of the city Dilya Sarkulova.

But often mothers are not missing important words: “I love you”. Hurry up and you say mother most importantly!