The rivalry between Vancouver and Seattle will be “awesome” according to Mathew Barzal

La rivalité entre Vancouver et Seattle sera «géniale» selon Mathew Barzal

Mathew Barzal grew up near Vancouver and has played for the Thunbderbirds of Seattle during his career junior. It is therefore well-placed to argue that the rivalry between the Canucks and the future training of Seattle will be a special one.

The 32nd team of the national hockey League, whose name has not been unveiled, should start its activities during the season 2021-2022.

“I think it will be awesome, has launched Barzal Tuesday, according to the network Sportsnet. You are going to have tons of people who will come down to Seattle or go up to Vancouver to go see the games and I think it will be fun.”

According to him, the circuit Bettman has done a good choice by turning to Seattle to host his next team. He spent four years, between 2013 and 2017.

“The supporters of Seattle are enough people involved, he argued. Some of them have followed us in Saskatchewan and Alberta to see play in our junior team, so I’m sure that when the team from the NHL will happen, this will be even more crazy.”

Barzal, who is currently in confinement at home with her parents in Coquitlam, suburb of Vancouver, said he had enjoyed his stay in the State of Washington.

“I loved it. We played about 30 minutes from the city centre and we had an arena filled with about 6000 supporters at each meeting. But it wasn’t just that. You can ask anyone who has played in Portland, Everett or Seattle: the fans are loud and they love the battles, and failed.

“They do not may not be the sport very well – because I do not believe that they have watched enough hockey to top – level, but they really like the energy and the physical aspect of the games.”

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