The road trip virtual of Marc-André Grondin

Le road trip virtuel de Marc-André Grondin

For the past three weeks, the actor Marc-André Grondin joins the useful with the pleasant by suggesting each day on his Twitter account a movie or a tv series after a French-speaking region of Canada. A simple and original to bring the movie goers, while respecting the measures of containment.

This kind of road trip virtual, which began on the 1st of April last, at Sorel, with the short film The cut, director Geneviève Dulude-De Celles (A colony), will end on 30 April. At the end of these past four weeks, Marc-André Grondin has suggested about thirty films or tv series coming from the four corners of the country, of Quebec (Paul in Québec city) Newfoundland and Labrador (Country), passing by Fermont (The flaw), Ham-Nord (The hungry), Harrington Harbour (The great seduction) and Montreal (Felix and Meira).

This idea has been proposed by the instigators of the campaign to US, which is the promotion of canadian creators in the audiovisual field.

“The people of the US have contacted me on the eve of the 1st of April with this idea, and honestly, I found it to be super sharp to be also quick to offer this kind of initiative,” says Marc-André Grondin in interview to the Newspaper.

“The situation is not obvious at this time in the middle of the culture, but I find that there is a lot of creativity that emerges from it. I think Phil Roy, who did not wait before to organize comedy shows online. I find it interesting to see how people are creative. ”

The actor, known for his roles in C. R. A. Z. Y., The case of Dumont and Mafia Inc., has imposed a condition before accepting to embark on this project : he wanted to suggest only works that he loved.

“I’ve said from the start that I didn’t feel like I am asked to make the promotion of movies that I didn’t really,” he says. I wanted to be able to choose works that look like me a little and offer a bit of diversity. So I selected a few films which I wanted to talk about. The people of the US have also helped me to discover some of the works. It has given me the chance to make discoveries, too. It is they, for example, who have suggested me the documentary of the Sex Shop that I really liked. ”

To the production

Like its peers, Marc-André Grondin is waiting to see when the shooting of films and fiction series will be able to return. By then, the actor 36-year-old is taking advantage of this period of confinement to give more time to his new passion, the production.

“I currently have a project in post-production and I also have projects in development, says the new producer. I have meetings online every day, so I don’t spend my days doing nothing. On the contrary. I go to bed relatively early and I get up early to be able to be productive and to have as many as possible of the normal day. “

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