The RSEQ, partner in the fight

The RSEQ, partner in the fight

“Let them play! This call from the heart from parents testifies to the crucial role of sport in the lives and future of our young people. Since March 13, student sport has been paralyzed in Quebec.

Since 1998, the RSEQ has participated in the perseverance and educational success of young people through the promotion of health and the practice of physical activity in schools.

We support more than 230,000 student-athletes, active in almost all educational establishments, from kindergarten to university.

Poor health

We point out that the decisions fall under the directives of Public Health and the opinions of the Ministries of Education and Higher Education. We strictly adhere to these instructions, issued for the very safety of young people.

Vigilant in the field, involved and multiplying interventions, we also welcomed with great relief the announcement, at the end of August, of the return of school and extracurricular sports activities.

Each initiative promoting the practice of sport is excellent news for the whole of society. The physical and mental health of young people is fragile and requires a high level of consistency and consultation.

A supervised practice

The RSEQ has the expertise and strong links with the Quebec school sports network, young people, their parents and public authorities.

We reach out to the government to broaden this participation in the conversation related to school sport, convinced of our collective ability to reopen the doors to the safe practice of sport in schools.

The RSEQ is confident of the role that young people could play in the fight against COVID-19, convinced that they are part of the solution.

In this wake, the supervised practice of school sport is a beneficial shield to repel the opponent.

Gustave Roel, Chairman and CEO of RSEQ

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