The Russian official said that Germany took off with the 2018 world Cup for revenge of the victims of wars

The head of administration of Lipetsk region (Russia) Oleg Korolev said that the departure of the German national team with the world Cup, which takes place in Russia, is a consequence of the military events in the past.

Writes about this “”, citing Twitter policy.

“Germany shamefully departed from the 2018 world Cup only because on this earth, they unleashed two world wars and the souls they had killed tens of millions of victims avenged, and will avenge them… History and time intervened…” — wrote Queens.

It is worth noting that the tweet has disappeared from the page of Oleg Korolev.

In this case there is another message in which the Governor of the Lipetsk region, said that his page was allegedly hacked and his name wrote the post.

“Someone on Twitter again, I botched…now about the Germans in football. Apparently that “someone” hard envies us because of the productive cooperation with Germany (investment, joint venture, etc.). We cherish our cooperation with them, as with other investors! So don’t spite! Do not disturb! Useless,” wrote the Governor.

It is worth noting that the German team failed to qualify in the 1/8 finals of the world championship. The team ranked last in group F after losing to South Koreans (0:2) and the Mexicans (0:1) and defeating the Swedes (2:1). In 2014 Germany became the world Champion.

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