The Russians are determined: foreign partners terminated the contract for the construction of a large ship, build yourself even more (Sina, China)

Россияне полны решимости: иностранные партнеры расторгли контракт на строительство крупного корабля, построим сами, еще больше (Sina, Китай)

In Soviet times on the territory of Russia almost no shipyards for major surface ships, they were all focused on the Ukraine. In 2020 Russia after a thirty year break is finally going to build a big ship. Russian Navy will get a domestic replacement of the French “Mistral”.After a thirty year hiatus, Russia is finally going to build a big ship. According to ITAR-TASS, the Russian Navy decided that the construction of the amphibious assault ship (UDC) with a displacement of 25 thousand tons will begin in 2020. It is planned to build two such ships. They will be the largest surface vessels built in the country after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Before the Navy received only the medium and small corvettes and patrol ships capable of anti-submarine defense and patrol only in coastal waters. They could not match the great ambitions of the Russian fleet, they were not able to stop its decline. Russia has long understood the vast importance of amphibious assault ships to move the fighting from sea to land. In 2008, when Russia conducted a military operation in Georgia, the soldiers were transported to the battlefield by sea. However, the small capacity of outdated Russian ships not allowed to load the many soldiers and armored vehicles. So the soldiers had to reach the theater of operations 26 hours. Amphibious assault ship would reduce this time to just 40 minutes.

Initially, Russia did not plan to build of UDK on my own, she wanted to buy from the French ship type “Mistral”. In 2011, with the French side, an agreement was signed according to which Russia planned to purchase two amphibious assault ship for 600 million euros, two times more than the cost of the same ships destined for France. She promised to provide the Russian side all the necessary technology, including the source code of military systems, and Russia should have been responsible for the construction process of the ship. But all good ends quickly. The United States has always been against the supply to Russia of the French “Mistral”. After the deterioration of Russian-Ukrainian relations, France seized nearly finished ships. The Russian side has sent to the French shipyard a few hundred soldiers, versed in shipbuilding, but they were forced back. Despite following the incident, statements by senior officials in the Navy that Russia is not experiencing a strong need for amphibious assault ships and their high vulnerability, continuously emerging construction projects UDC suggests that the country hopes to acquire them. Russia has submitted a draft amphibious assault ship with a displacement of 15 thousand tons, only slightly less than the current 25 thousand tons. The increase in displacement indicates Russia’s desire to obtain advanced amphibious ship in the shortest time.According to sources in the shipbuilding industry, the length of the new Russian UDC will be about 220 meters, displacement — 25 thousand tons, more than the French ship type “Mistral”, where it is 21.5 thousand tons. Russian UDC can carry 900 soldiers in full gear, there are two reinforced battalion. The ship can also transport more than 20 heavy-lift helicopters. In the amount of people and armored vehicles, it is more than 16 helicopters, which can hold the French “Mistral”, but less than 30 helicopters placed on Board an American UDC “Wasp”. According to its characteristics, the Russian ship will be superior to the French “Mistral”, which failed to. Then France did not agree to sell it, now Russia will build your ship, better than the French.
In recent years, Russia has accumulated a lot of experience, remodeling for India aircraft carrier “Admiral Gorshkov”, and strengthened their skills of construction of large ships. However, the ability to alter the aircraft carrier does not mean the ability to build a ship with a displacement of several tens of thousands of tons. To create amphibious assault ship easier than a carrier, but he is a high-tech design. In the modern world only a few countries with a strong industry can cope with their construction. In Soviet times, due to constraints associated with the geographical location, on the territory of Russia almost no shipyards for major surface ships, they were all focused on the Ukraine. This was the main reason why Russia almost 30 years did not build large ships and wanted to buy the French “Mistral”. In this project, the Russian side was responsible for part of the construction works, however, this was only the skeleton of the ship, which had to be sent to France for further Assembly, because all the internal equipment was created there.

Fortunately for Russia, in recent years the situation has changed. Part of the Russian shipyards uses equipment supplied from China, and gradually acquires the features necessary for building large ships. And the construction of amphibious assault ship with a displacement of 25 thousand tons will become a serious challenge for the Russian shipyards, several decades have not worked with large ships. The lack of experience at the initial stage of construction may force Russia to elect a roundabout way, but with sufficient funding, the Russian industrial base will be able to provide amphibious assault ships.Source

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