The Russians have called the amount a “normal life”

Россияне назвали сумму для «нормальной жизни»

A family consisting of three people, should 78 thousand rubles a month to maintain a normal standard of living. Relevant data were obtained in the result of a sociological survey conducted by the holding “ROMIR”, informs RIA “news”.

The majority of respondents – 51% – reported that they have enough for 60 to 120 thousand rubles. Another 25% believe that they need 45 to 60 thousand roubles, and 10% – from 30 to 45 thousand rubles. While 11% of respondents do not agree on family income that does not exceed 120 thousand rubles.

Over the past year the “appetite” of Russian families grew on average by 2.1 thousand rubles. Sociologists note that the queries are caught up to 2014, the year opinion polls showed that for a decent life you have to earn 78,5 thousand roubles.

The survey was conducted in April of this year. It was attended by 1.5 thousand people, whose age exceeds 18 years.

Earlier it became known that by the end of 2018, the Russians have cut their spending on the purchase of household appliances compared to the previous year, but increased spending on clothes, shoes and medical services.