The Russians received congratulations from space

Россияне получили поздравление из космоса

The Russians received a congratulatory message from space. During a concert on red square on Russia Day the inhabitants of the country congratulated cosmonauts Oleg Kononenko and Alex Ovchinin. They made contact with the International space station, reports TASS.

The astronauts noted that the Windows of the station they can see what a huge and great country we have. In addition, they wished all Russians a good mood.

The audience congratulated and Russian musicians, including Sergey Lazarev, group “lube”, Alexander Rosenbaum and Dima Bilan. Anyone at the concert could be next to the artists: photos and videos with a specific hashtag fell into the stream on the background screen.

Only in red square, according to the Moi, gathered more than 30 thousand people.

The unexpected development of the concert was the release of the bear. He appeared at a performance of the song “Kalinka” Academic song and dance ensemble of the Russian army. Aleksandrova. In addition, the folk dance ensemble them. Moses demonstrated the art of Russian dance.

For the safety of citizens were watched by the police and Regardie.