The Russians said why use the Internet

Россияне рассказали, для чего пользуются интернетом

Rosstat has conducted a sociological study in which found out for what purpose people come to Network, make RT.

The majority of respondents – 62% – prefer communication in social networks and messengers. Moreover, this response was most common among 15 to 19 years.

Half of the respondents said that the Internet is necessary in order to find out the news from around the world and to read helpful articles. Another 36% are downloading movies, music and games.

A global network comes in handy 35% of Russians to conduct financial transactions, be it remittances or payment services. In addition, 26.5% of respondents make purchases through the Internet and put ads.

Sociologists say that enter the Network 72% of Russian citizens, whose age exceeds 15 years. The data are based on the results received in 2018 in all regions of the country.

Earlier it became known that the audience of the Runet in 2019, reached 93 million people over the past three years she grew by 7%.