The Russians told us where they intend to spend the summer vacation

Россияне рассказали, где намерены провести летний отпуск

Most Russians plan to spend their summer vacation at home or at the cottage. This option was chosen by 70% of respondents, according to a survey the Russian center for public opinion studies (VTSIOM).

The vote was as follows: intend to stay at home 44% of respondents in the country sent 26%.

Holidays abroad plans only every tenth Russian. 9% chose other regions of Russia or the black sea coast of Caucasus, 6% are going to visit the Crimea, reported on the website VTSIOM.

Note that in 2018 to have a rest abroad was about 4% of Russians, for the year their number grew by 6%.

Increased and the number of those who goes on vacation in other Russian regions – from 35% in 2016 to 43% in 2019.

In most cases (53%), the Russians remain in the home for financial reasons, 15% are unable to escape due to family Affairs, 14% of the busy work.

With regard to preferred areas, 39% of respondents indicated foreign countries, 31% – Crimea, a 26% black sea coast of Caucasus.

Also, the survey found that the cost of the Russians on the holiday season decreased by 2% compared to last year – to 43 333 thousand rubles for each family member.