The saddest #10YearsChallenge: this is how the planet has changed over the last 10 years

Vdrumlib recently 10YearsChallenge managed to remember many. However, over time changes not only people but also the environment.

Найсумніший #10YearsChallenge: ось як змінилася планета за останні 10 років

Recently vdrumlib #10YearsChallenge managed to remember many. We had to compare yourself and your friends to what we were 10 years ago, and to assess changes that occurred over this period. Someone they pleased, some don’t, but the fact remains that the change happened, informs Rus.Media.

However, over time changes not only people but also the environment. Some changes that have occurred over this time around may prove more shocking than our own look at the old pictures…

Deforestation: from 2009 to 2019 and lush forests of the Amazon has lost about 60 thousand square kilometers.

What happened to the plastic bottle in the sea for 10 years? Absolutely nothing, because of the fact that it’s decomposed, it will take hundreds of years.

According to NASA, the polar ice is rapidly disappearing at a rate of 12.8% every 10 years, equivalent to thousands of square kilometers.

It seems that this terrible photographic comparison is not decades but centuries. This is a terrible photo made Greenpeace.

It looks like the effects of illegal gold mining in Ghana which, according to some estimates, soiled up to 75% of water basins of the country.

This photo shows the heating rate of the Land from 2007 to 2017.

The disappearance of ice sheets damaging effect on the population of polar bears, who are now forced to adapt to hunting on land.

There are several species that have disappeared in the last decade. Among them, the blue macaw, which in the wild is not found

If you continue this rate of destruction of the ecosystem, the next decade will disappear and other species such as white Rhino.

Ocean warming is having a devastating impact on marine flora and fauna, especially in fragile coral reef ecosystem.

From ocean currents that carry tons of our waste lots of pristine beaches turned into a real dump.

But I would like to say still on a positive note. For 10 years it was implemented a lot of projects in which participated the institutions and the population. Here’s a great forest grew up during this time in Sumatra.