The SAQ will make the distinction between the products of quebec that are prepared and bottled here

La SAQ fera la distinction entre les produits québécois préparés et embouteillés ici

The Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ) is taken a step further in its definition of a product from quebec. The Crown corporation will make the distinction between the products Origin Quebec prepared in the province, and bottled here.

On Thursday, the State-owned company has unveiled new identifications, to better guide consumers during their shopping. They will be visible as soon as the week of June 8.

This news comes as the Quebec products have gained in popularity since the beginning of the pandemic, especially because of the challenge to buy local products to support Québec businesses.

The SAQ account, currently, nearly 800 wines and spirits Origin Quebec. This identification had been put in place in 2014. It is available for all products, wines, beers, ciders, spirits, meads are ready to drink, liqueurs and spirits maple or berry.

“With these new identifiers are the distinctive, we will even more value to the great family of products from quebec, which is considerably enriched in the past few years,” said Catherine Dagenais, president and chief executive officer of the SAQ.

More details to come…

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