The scientists said that could destroy the world online after fifteen years

Ученые рассказали, что может уничтожить мировой интернет уже через пятнадцать лет

The Internet is in danger. This was stated by scientists of the University of Wisconsin in Madison (USA).

As the newspaper writes Daily Mail, according to them, trouble could begin as early as 2033.

Scientists say the problem is rising sea levels. Because of this, in the coming years can be destroyed the relevant infrastructure. In particular, one that provides Internet connection between the largest cities in the world.

After fifteen years, the water could flood around 6.5 thousand kilometers of fiber optic cables. The first may suffer the American city new York, Miami and Seattle.

Scientists fear that the next crash will hit in the entire global communications system.

In their study, researchers analyzed data from the online Atlas, which reflects the structure of Internet networks on the planet, providing forecasts of sea-level rise from the National oceanic and atmospheric administration.

Scientists explain that fiber-optic cables laid 20-25 years ago, “when it was not yet clear what the implications of climate change”.

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