The scientists said that will happen when the Sun will go out

Ученые рассказали, что произойдет, когда погаснет Солнце

When the Sun exhausts its energy, the system of the planets turned into a giant nebula, scientists say. In its composition will be dominated by gas and dust. Having existed for several thousand years, the nebula will disappear.

According to astronomers from the University of Manchester, the Sun will overcome the phase from red to white dwarf. The emergence of these processes a large number of observations. Lights, which have the dimensions of the Sun, can produce bright nebulae, informs

Recently astrophysicists believed that from a scientific point of view, this situation is impossible. Scientists have argued for half a century. A common theory is that in five billion years the star completely exhausts its own reserves of hydrogen. This process will trigger the burning of helium. Then the Sun gradually heats up to excessive temperatures, and one of his skins will be giant. In the end they grow it will absorb Werner and mercury.

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