The scientists stated that Sweden is threatened by powerful earthquake

Ученые заявили, что Швеции угрожают мощнейшие землетрясения

Seismic anomalies have become the cause, because for the last 72 hours, experts recorded from 3 of the quake, although their annual number equals 15. This can only mean one thing – the threat of meltdown is not far off.

Scientists have carefully researched statistical data obtained in the recent past and stated that Sweden can destroy the earthquake. The recent aftershocks have occurred with an amplitude of greater than 3 points, but in the midst of these figures may be much stronger, and the resulting seismic anomaly near the city Yelena seriously scares seismologists.

Just two years ago Sweden suffered a meltdown impressive force, causing many citizens were left without roofs over their heads, while others were forced to restore their own damaged homes. It is noteworthy that while the Swedes could have been given inaccurate information about the strength of aftershocks, and the situation could repeat itself soon.


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