The scientists told, when people start living to 150

Ученые рассказали, когда люди начнут жить 150 лет

A sensational report was made by Israeli geneticists and gerontologists, drawing on statistical computer model, and also on experiments with laboratory animals.

According to scientists, people who live at least 150 years old, were born today, when the scientific community has managed to accumulate huge experience to slow the physiological process of aging. Despite all the negativity associated with the environmental component, scientific thought develops much faster. Unique techniques aim to prolong the human life.

As said an Israeli gerontologist Haim Cohen, genetic manipulation opens up a wide field of activity. At present, experiments on animals have shown that exposure to DNA allows to maintain cells in a state of stability, which leads to life expectancy. Regulation of genes responsible for some diseases, only a side mechanism for anti-aging. Importantly, this alteration of cellular structure that supports the balance of trace elements.


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