The screening of asymptomatic individuals is “essential”

Le dépistage des personnes asymptomatiques est «essentiel»

A professor of biochemistry believes that the screening of asymptomatic persons is now required to be able to hope to contain the pandemic.

“If you want to avoid a spread, it is necessary to realise the activity of the virus in the population that do not present symptoms, but that could transmit the virus”, explains Nathalie Grandvaux, who is also director of the laboratory for research on the interactions host/virus at the CHUM research Centre.

Such screening would be a step further, and would feed epidemiological investigations in Quebec.

Expert in biochemistry, also suggests the benefit of school teachers, a “target population”, to perform a random testing.

Which track?

On a visit to Montreal on Friday, dr. Horacio Arruda has announced a campaign of “mass screening” in the warm areas of greater Montreal, which does not, however, the screening of people without symptoms. Until recently, the tests were rationed by Quebec, which gave priority to caregivers and to people living in residences or in NURSING homes.

The government plans to soon be able to do 14 000 screening tests per day, which suggests the possibility of testing asymptomatic individuals. Thus, people who have been in contact with sick people of the COVID-19 could receive a diagnosis and act accordingly.

Earlier this week, the chief science advisor of Canada, Mona Nemer, has called into question the province’s efforts in terms of screening, finding that they were not sufficient in relation to the gravity of the situation. She has also mentioned a strategy which will include the screening of asymptomatic persons.

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