The season of ticks: over the holidays was bitten hundreds of Russians

PHOTO : / Svetlana Rodina


In Russia after the may holidays hundreds bitten. In the clinics of Yekaterinburg real rush: people carry mites for examination. If any of them are carriers of dangerous encephalitis, found out the correspondent of “MIR 24” Mr Sheroukhov.

The only in Ekaterinburg the laboratory, where mites take to the examination, the turn ends just on the street. Here came those who picked up the parasite at the may picnic or at the cottage. People are afraid for their lives.

“Came home, started to remove clothes, saw the ankle of the tick. Immediately began to take action,” – says the injured Tatiana Kocheva.

“Pulled out, put in a jar, poked holes to breathe, it is good to healthy. Because they say, if you rot, in the laboratory not valid”, – says the inhabitant of Ekaterinburg Yury Soldatov.

Check here to 500 ticks per day. Specialists take spiders have samples for the most common and dangerous infections such as Lyme disease and encephalitis. The result is ready in four hours. Not delay: carrier of the virus can kill a person. Since the beginning of the season in Sverdlovsk area pincers have bitten by 1.8 thousand people.

“A 1.5% – encephalitis, and 34% were infected with Lyme borreliosis, which is within the average for all years of monitoring for infected ticks,” says the chief of Department of epidemiological supervision of Rospotrebnadzora on Sverdlovsk area Svetlana Skryabin.

In Ekaterinburg from ticks treated with acaricide solution, not only parks, but even the cemetery. This year the dates moved April snowfall. Two and a half thousand hectares of managed to spray less than half.

“Processing parks depends on their readiness. We do not go in untidy parks. We demand from the customer that the parks were cleaned. Pour dry leaves is meaningless,” says head of centre of hygiene and epidemiology of the region Svetlana Akulova.

Even in the city is easy to pick up the tick. He can crawl with another person or animal – a squirrel, a rat or a stray dog. From viruses, that transfers the parasite, save only the vaccine. However, the immunity appears only in two weeks after the injection.

According to experts, every third tick is infected with encephalitis and Lyme disease.

Over the long weekend in Bashkortostan mites have bitten more than 800 people. Almost as many – in the Tyumen region. Not in vain walking through the woods in Kostroma and Belgorod regions. There for help of doctors asked 400 residents. In the Amur region have been bitten by ticks nearly one hundred and fifty adults and fifty children. Also, since the beginning of the may holidays affected residents of Yaroslavl and Novosibirsk regions.

In capital of Kyrgyzstan has already registered 85 cases of tick bites. In Belarus for the first two months of spring the bug has affected almost 400 people. But the residents of Tajikistan, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan are lucky: there are no ticks.