The season of watermelons in Tajikistan, farmers have harvested 20 tons of melons

Summer fun. The season of watermelons in Tajikistan. 20 thousand tons of melons this year were gathered by the farmers of the South. This is ten thousand tons more than in the past. The correspondent of “MIR 24” Abubakr of Faizulloev estimated harvest and find out what grade the sweetest.

On 10 acres, according to Nura grows vegetables, fruits, berries. Now collecting the harvest of watermelons. In the fields grows only sort of Crimson. It is the most resistant to weather conditions and unpretentious. Ripens a month and a half.

“In the year we collected at four crop, now is the second. Wholesalers from the capital taking the watermelons from the field. I don’t even have to go to the market”, – said the head of dekhkan household Gihosha district of Azerbaijan Ilham Nura.

Cihonski district is the most favorable for the cultivation of sweet berries. The air temperature in the region rises to 55 degrees. In this climate, the watermelon is sweet without any chemicals.

With one hectare of land here is collected from 5 to 6 thousand watermelons of the season. An average watermelon weighs about five pounds.

Farmers working in the fields from morning to evening, in time to collect the melons until they were overripe. The ripeness of watermelon is determined by a bright striped pattern and dried the tail.

“Each vine produces three or four watermelon. All thanks to the right approach to planting. It is important to water and fertilize the berries, be careful not to damage the peel in the collection. Without special care, a good harvest will not,” said farmer Catullo Zaripov.

With this market cihonski watermelon supply in all regions of the country. Berry buy both wholesale and retail.

“I came here from Dushanbe and buy watermelons in bulk. We have agreed with the seller, and bought a tonne,” the buyer Bakhtiar of Fathulloev.

A rich harvest has already pushed down the price of watermelons in the country. With field berries can be purchased for an average 30 cents.

The main buyers of Tajik watermelon – Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan and Afghanistan.