The second day of the G20 began with a discussion on the topics of inequality and creating a sustainable world

In Osaka Japanese began the second day of the G20 summit. The heads of state began with a discussion of the fight against inequality, creating a sustainable world by 2030, trends on the labour market and the ageing of the population, reports “WORLD 24”.

Today’s program the President of Russia Vladimir Putin started bilateral meetings with Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The head of state noted that the two countries bilateral trade is increasing. In addition, increasing the flow of Russian tourists to the resorts of Turkey.

“Travel exchange is growing. Last year it was six million tourists from Russia to Turkey. This is a record figure. We tourists are not greedy, know how to relax. Income Turkish partners amounted to five billion dollars. I think that a large-scale programme for the current year of culture and tourism in Russia and Turkey will lead to new achievements in this direction”, – said Putin.

The next bilateral meeting of the Russian leader began a conversation with Angela Merkel. The German Chancellor, which in a number of official events was sick at a meeting with Russian President looked relaxed. The two leaders greeted each other with a handshake and some time talked standing up. The conversation continued along with members of the delegations at the negotiating table, but without the cameras.

After bilateral meetings and plenary meetings on the sidelines of the summit, the leaders of the participating countries “Big twenty” going into the third General meeting. Later, on the fourth, the main will be the issues of climate change, environmental protection and energy.

Note that in the morning on the G20 forum was held the meeting dedicated to the empowerment of women. On it at the international exhibition centre INTEX Osaka was made by Ivanka trump, which this time accompanies the President of the United States. The daughter and the adviser of the head of the American state called for “courageous decisions” to help women overcome the problem of poverty.