The second life of The hot water the water fret

La deuxième vie de L’eau chaude l’eau frette

Annoyed by a technical issue which affected the fluidity of the images, André Forcier was, until recently, unable to revisit his classic hot water water fret. Nearly 45 years after the film’s release, the filmmaker was able to back and replay his / her work without grinning with a new, restored version of the film.

Launched last April 15, on any platform, illico and iTunes, this new version of The hot water l’eau frette, freshly restored by the charity Elephant : the memory of quebec cinema, has allowed André Forcier to make peace with this film which was released in 1976, after having been screened at the Cannes directors ‘ Fortnight. For several years, Forcier (Bar Salon, The wind of Wyoming, A story inventedto say “not be able” to see this work because of a technical problem that occurred during the post-production of the feature film, there are nearly 45 years old.

“I turned The hot water water fret in 1975 and when we made the mix, I received a letter telling me that the film had been accepted at the directors’ Fortnight, tells the story of André Forcier in an interview with the Journal. I do not know who had submitted the film to Cannes and in what state he had been subjected. But I swear to you that at the time, I didn’t even know what it was, the Fortnight. I knew that there was a competition at Cannes, but I didn’t think that at all. ”

In the emergency, Forcier and his team have accelerated the post-production so that the film is ready in time for the Cannes Festival : “We did print out a copy, but at each change of plan, the image jumped,” says the filmmaker of 72 years. It is possible that there was a problem with the machine that cuts the material. Spectators will not be saw not, but as for me, I thought it was playing at the level of the reading in the second degree and that it was hindering the fluidity of the film. Thanks to the restoration work, this problem is no longer there. The people’s Elephant have really done a beautiful job “.

“A cult film”

In the eyes of many experts du cinéma québécois, The hot water l’eau frette is one of the most important films of the work of André Forcier, filmmaker singular is that it often sticks to the nickname of” enfant terrible of quebec cinema “. In succeeding Marie-José Raymond and Claude Fournier to the direction of the Elephant (the body established by Quebecor to restore the film heritage quebec), Dominique Dugas has had a thought for The hot water the water fret.

“When I took the head of the Elephant, in January 2019, it was clear to me that it was a film that was missing in our catalogue,” says Mr. Dugas. For me, it is a cult film and one of the great works of quebec cinema. To have studied in cinema and I be particularly interested in the cinema of Forcier, I also knew at what point it was a film that was hard to find. ”

André Forcier turned The hot water water fret in 1975, on the Plateau-Mont-Royal, with several well-known actors at the time (including Jean Lapointe, Sophie Clement, Guy L’écuyer and Anne-Marie Ducharme), but also a few new faces (including a young Jean-Pierre Bergeron who was now his debut on the big screen). The film portrays teenagers who plot a murder for holding a celebration to acknowledge the anniversary of the loan shark in the neighborhood.

The poster of the film at the time of its release in the cinema in 1976.

“For me, it’s a great film, stresses Dominique Dugas. There is a poetry unique – a poetry of cruelty – and a gallery of strong characters and larger than life. It is not far from one universe to the Réjean Ducharme, in which the great lucidity goes through the characters of children. It is also a portrait of the Plateau Mont-Royal this time. ”

And think about the main concern ?

“I like The water hot water fret, but this is not my favorite, meets Forcier. My favorite, it is The wind of Wyoming [1994]. I like very much also the Bar Lounge [1974], which is a different film, according to me. Otherwise, I find that I remember [2009] is under-estimated. It tells the story of a little girl who learns gaelic to be able to survive. It is a beautiful metaphor. I’ve never understood why this film was unnoticed at its release in the dining room. ”

The restored version of The hot water, the water shrink is available in high definition on the platforms of video on demand illico and iTunes.

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