The second wave worries about the winter season

The second wave worries about the winter season

Like the rest of the sports world, the people at Soccer Quebec are nervous at the start of the second wave of COVID-19 in the province.

In the offices of the organization, we hope not to have to relive the same thing as last spring.

“We have concerns for fall and winter. Instructions have been sent to us and we can see that the school environment is also experiencing it, ”said Mathieu Chamberland.

The director general of Soccer Quebec alludes to the cancellation of the school soccer season in the regions of Quebec and Chaudière-Appalaches, located in the orange zone, according to Public Health.

In Montreal, the Concordia Regional Soccer Association announced Friday that it was suspending its games since the city is in the orange zone.

Limit viewers

That said, things are going fairly normally at the moment.

“Our current plan is to limit the number of spectators,” says Chamberland. We can also reduce the number of participants in the practices according to the color code of the region. ”

“For the parties, they are still authorized according to the usual rules. ”

If the situation were to degenerate, Chamberland and his federation could draw on the experience accumulated during the first wave, from March to June.

“We have already lived the experience so we are ready to face the situation. We also have levels by region to adapt.

“Of course there are concerns, but people are reacting quite well. ”


The outside leagues are unlikely to suffer the consequences of the second wave since they will end their activities within two weeks.

On the other hand, the practice of sport indoors could be affected even if this discipline disputed between four walls is already more adapted to the current situation.

“Inside, most leagues are played seven-on-seven, so that shouldn't be a problem,” Chamberland said.

You shouldn't think of soccer as just a summer sport either.

“There is still indoor soccer and futsal in all regions and it is a good part of our membership , even if most of our activities take place in the summer,” explains Chamberland.

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