The secrecy of the investigation and a missing witness. As the Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine buries the deeds of the killers of Euromaidan


Тайны следствия и пропавший свидетель. Как прокуратура Украины хоронит дела киллеров с Евромайдана

© RIA Novosti, Andrei Steninon Wednesday, December 11, a popular Ukrainian blogger Anatoly Shary has published a video with footage of the interrogation of a suspect in the murders on Euromaidan in early 2014, the Interrogation occurred in the General Prosecutor of Ukraine (GPU) almost two years ago, in January 2018 as a suspect was interrogated Dmitry Ivanovich Lipovital in April of the same year the citizen of the Lime will be formally considered fugitives from justice, but no action for his search would be made, despite the importance of his confessions. On interrogation he told how on the morning of 20 February 2014, contributed to the murder of employees of “Berkut” with a carbine “saiga”, which was brought to the Maidan in December 2013.

According to him, on the morning of 20 February, he saw on the balcony of the Conservatory, captured Euromaidan supporters, were armed men. Phony claims that they fired in the direction of the employees of “Berkut”. Seeing this, he went to the Conservatory to offer its assistance to the shooter and the weapon. On specifying question, threatened the police or took action personally against Lime, his relatives or friends, the suspect replied “no”. Once in the Conservatory, he saw that the fire from the balcony were Ivan Bell and Zinovy Parasyuk, father of the former Deputy Vladimir Parasyuk, which is the next day, 21 February 2014, and urged the crowd to storm the presidential Administration of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. These two Dmitry Lipovoy and handed his carbine, which Bell he then returned to shoot him 60 rounds.It should be recalled that he mentioned Ivan Bell in 2016, he confessed in an interview in the murder of two law enforcement officers.”I chose those who he commanded. Could not hear, but saw the gestures. The distance is small, so the two commanders took only two shots… Say that I killed them in the head, and it’s true. It turned out that they were standing back to me. I have not been able to wait until they unfold. So God turned, so it was done,” said Bell. In 2018, the now ex-Deputy Vladimir Parasyuk and he told me that he was summoned to the GPU in the case, but only the parliamentary mandate was defending him at the time.

That day, February 20 on independence square and in the vicinity were killed 4, police officer (the ensign of Internal troops of MIA of Ukraine Serhiy Spichak, employee of “Berkut” Vladimir Zubok, chief inspector of patrol service Sergey, the employee of “Berkut” Mykola Sirisuk). At least two of them and shot Bubenchik, in his own words. However, the case against Ivan Bell was stopped in August 2019. The indictment in the court has not passed on the basis of the act of 2014 “on Amnesty of euromaidan protesters”.

Suspect Dmitry Lipovoy quietly left Ukraine six days after the interrogation. According to the Sharia to leave the country he helped high-ranking employees of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, and also the father and the son Parasiuk together with the ex-MP Sergei Pashinsky and ex-speaker of the Parliament Andrei Parubiy.“Inconvenient” testimony

The key in this case Parubiy and parasiuk told recently and the lawyer Alexander Gorodinskyrepresenting the interests of ex-employees of “Berkut” in Svyatoshinsky court of Kiev. He provided a copy of a notarized statement of one of the “Georgian snipers”, Alexander Revazishvili. The Revazishvili testified the Prosecutor’s office of the Republic of Belarus, saying that he participated in the events on Maidan and witnessed the executions of people in the square, organized by the persons who later occupied high posts in the Ukrainian government.

According to the lawyer, representatives of the GPU stubbornly refused to hear testimony that are important for establishment of truth on the events of the Maidan. Says Gorodinsky, the impression that Ukraine is a influential person is not interested in eyewitness accounts of crimes on the Maidan were recorded under oath, and became the Foundation for their formal consideration. According to the testimony of Revazishvili, the arrival of Georgian citizens to Ukraine with forged documents in 2014 organized personally Andriy Parubiy, and led their work on the spot, Sergei Pashinsky and military instructors from USA , Christopher Brian. His testimony also follows that Pashinsky along with others was personally delivered small arms to the Ukraine hotel and the Conservatory. On the morning of January 20, Pashinskiy personally fired into the crowd on the Maidan from the balcony of the Conservatory together with the father and son Parasiuk.Another lawyer of “Berkut” Vitaly Serdyuk talked about the special role of former Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko, who “using the office powers, made all the arrangements to the actual release from liability and grant freedom to suspects in the shooting of our fellow citizens, including law enforcement officers, on 20 February 2014.”

In addition, recently Anatoly Shary published a paper on the causes of the fire in the trade unions Building, occupied at the time by supporters of the Maidan. Supporters of the “Right sector” had planned a diversion on the basis of the Internal troops near the villages of Old and New Petrovtsy, Kyiv region, the explosion at the regional offices of the police and Parliament. In the night of February 18, they made the explosives there, but the 7:42 because of the reckless actions of one of participants of group [Belova] in the basement there was a fire substances and explosion. According to the report, Belov has got strong burns of hands. The report noted that a group of chemists collaborated with the “Right sector”. And this information was also well-known to Ukrainian investigators and employees of the SBU, but was carefully hidden. As emphasized by Chari, the then head of the office of special investigations of the GPU Sergey Gorbatyuk know this information, and all the paperwork for this was, as the GPU and the SBU.

Why are ignored the results of independent investigations

In other words, evidence and confessions abound. However, the investigation stalled for six years. Canadian scientist of Ukrainian origin Ivan Kachanovsky, PhD School of political studies University of Ottawa (Canada), has conducted its extensive investigation into the events of 20 February 2014 on the basis of thousands of video and photo-materials and recordings of live broadcasts. He published on this occasion a number of papers proving the guilt of the leaders and activists of the Maidan in the events of the day of the massacre. However, the canadian-Ukrainian scientist regularly complains on his Facebook page that the results of his investigations hard to ignore, as the Ukrainian authorities and the Western media continuing to repeat the old mantra that “Pro-Russian dictator Yanukovych shot unarmed protesters”.

Kachanovsky during the investigation found out that on the morning of February 20 before the beginning of the execution across the square was a group of armed men with Kalashnikovs and hunting weapons with scopes. These people freely entered the hotel “Ukraine”, which is then fired. Staff, hotel unarmed security guards and ordinary Maidan participants who were in the same hotel, claimed that the police officers of “Berkut”, the SBU is not passed to the hotel. At the head of an armed group was the commander of the so-called “Fourth hundred of Maidan” Vladimir Parasyuk. It was under his leadership, according to Kachanovsky, a group of snipers and led the execution of the events.

Kachanovsky also in its investigation provides data on the nature of injuries suffered in the shelling. Most of the wounds activists got in the back of that suggests that shooting at them from behind and not the soldiers of “Berkut”, who was in front of them. Many injuries were sustained from gunfire from the direction of the October Palace and the hotel “Ukraine”, of wounds received in the chest was obtained at high angles, that is shot from high buildings. Some of the participants of the Maidan were killed from the smooth-bore hunting weapons that are not used by law enforcement.

Shooting out of the room 1132 of this property filmed February 20, 2014 BBC journalist Gabriel Heithaus. According to him, the fire on the “Eagle” was also from the Conservatory, controlled by supporters of the Maidan. A Sergei told the BBC journalist that he personally fired at the security forces, but then it Parubiy from the Conservatory were taken out of Kiev.All these testimonies and evidences from the cases of executions at Euromaidan regularly “lost”, which slows down investigations for that year. In November of the current year the Prosecutor’s office began an internal investigation because of possible loss of materials that relate to one of the criminal proceedings in the case of the shootings of police officers.

Ukrainian political analyst Andriy Zolotaryov believes that the President Zelensky and has no plans to revise the events of 2013-2014 due to the biased approach of the majority of “public Servants”. “Most of the active “public Servants” believe that the Maidan was all good, but came Poroshenko and all vulgarized. This means that in the victims they profess a special moral: if Milanovic ate “separable”, that’s fine, but if “separ” ate maydanovtsa, that for this crime should be punished. Zelensky refused rabid rhetoric Poroshenko, the policy of the current authorities became softer, but the essence has not changed,” says Zolotarev.

Thus, it is possible to assume that an objective investigation of this case will be delayed further, evidence is lost or destroyed, and paper — endlessly be transferred from instance to instance.

Prospects for the investigation of the Odessa massacre on may 2

A similar fate, and in the case of the Odessa massacre on may 2, 2014 — his investigation is not visible the end and edge. In early November 2019, the Verkhovna Rada failed to create a temporary investigative Commission to investigate the riots on may 2, 2014 in Odessa. The Commission was to establish the reasons and organizers of the massacre, but the initiative was only 79 deputies with the required minimum of 226 votes. MPs from the factions “European solidarity”, “Voice” and “Batkivshchyna” unanimously opposed, and among the “Servants of the people” was supported by only 32.

Earlier involvement in the tragedy accused Oleksandr Turchynov, who in may 2014 was the acting President, “commandant of Maidan” Andriy Parubiy and the current head of the interior Ministry Arsen Avakov. “Avakov and Parubiy — companions, tied together by blood, so the case against Parubiy [about the Odessa tragedy] is bound to irritate Avakov. But again, so far no real reasons for optimism. Are our expectations of change, have faith in the best, but such repressive African regimes, like the one built in the Ukraine, inside do not change,” — said in an interview with Odessa political scientist Oleg Lizan.One of the leaders of the Odessa Euromaidan Ruslan Forostyak also repeatedly said that coordinated with Paruby, who arrived in Odessa on 29 April. Forostyak recognized, however, that the nationalists were armed. “We constantly was around the administration a few vans with a firearm. We even rented an apartment near the regional state administration, which were established sniper positions,” he informed reporters. The former chief of militia of Odessa region Pyotr Lutsyuk also testified that at the time when it was storming nationalists in the Odessa House of trade unions on the Kulikovo field, Parubiy called him and asked why he won’t let the patriots deal with the separatists.

Not surprisingly, the investigation and the case has not been promoted for five years — because during the investigation you can accidentally leave to itself or to the leadership of the country, and then we’ll have questions to those foreign leaders who have supported or justified all these crimes.

In connection with the above, several questions arise.

First, whether under the current regime, has nothing to do with murderers on the Maidan, brought to an end the investigation and trial of the true perpetrators of that terrible tragedy?

Secondly, they will be punished law enforcement officers for intentional delay in the investigation, falsification of documents and forgery, as well as the destruction of material evidence in cases of shootings at Euromaidan and mass murder of people may 3, 2014 in Odessa.

And finally the third. Zelensky President, says the Western political community in their honest intentions to end the war and achieve peace, will be punished whether the true culprits who started with the shootings on the Maidan, the auto-da-Fe in Odessa and then unleashed a bloody civil war in the Donbass or everything will remain “hush-hush”, as in the ex-President Petro Poroshenko, deliberately concealing the crimes of their colleagues in the government: Yury Lutsenko, Turchynov, Parubiy, Pashinsky, Avakov, parasiuk and their entourage?Dmitry Kovalevich

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