The secret knowledge of men: what about women’s nature can tell the shape and size of the breast

Тайное знание мужчин: что о женском характере может рассказать форма и размер груди

Do you know that the shape of your chest reflects your personality? Amazing, isn’t it? But really, there is a perception that a form of breast associated with certain traits and characteristics of women.

To check, whether so it actually, look at the picture and select the form which, in your opinion, best matches your. Then read the description. Maybe you will learn something new about his personality. Try it, it’s easy!

#1. You are very smart and quickly make the right decisions

You a kind woman. Prefer to be in society: out of two alternatives – to go to a party or stay home, you choose the latter, because I believe that the best pastime is reading or reflection.

#2. You – a talented leader

If you take the case, everything will be done in the best way. You rely only on yourself, and it gives you the ability to never miss the chance. Sometimes you are stubborn and obsessed.

#3. You are consistent in your actions

You can get people to believe in themselves and love you for your support at the right time. Therefore, anyone who met at least once and tries to stay in touch with you.

#4. You positive and optimistic person

You see in other people only positive qualities. You are pleasant, and you always have fun.

#5. You are a very kind and sympathetic woman

You always want to be in harmony with the surrounding world. You know how to sympathize with others. This helps you to understand people and support them.

#6. You – a passionate person

You – charming, and every person upon first meeting with you once in you falls in love. Friends enjoy your company and never miss a chance to be in your company as long as possible.

Unusual test, isn’t it? Be sure to share with us, how accurate were the results for you! And tell your friends about it!

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