The secret properties of garlic, which will save you from hypertension

Секретные свойства чеснока, которые спасут вас от гипертонии

Agree, all afraid of sudden changes in blood pressure. However, are you aware of the existence of natural remedies for the treatment of hypertension, which are able to resolve this problem without side effects and health risks? Magicforum asked the question.

What is hypertension?

Hypertension is the term used to denote high blood pressure. Pressure drops have a negative impact on human health and the condition of his blood arteries.

High blood pressure blood vessels lose elasticity and harden, which leads to deterioration of blood flow.

Of course, need to undergo regular examination of the body and faithfully comply with all recommendations of the doctor. However, we should try to get rid of pressure using natural methods. That is why talk about the treatment of hypertension with this simple and affordable product, like garlic.

Each person has the symptoms of pressure are distinguished by their intensity. However, there are some common signs that help to recognize hypertension, particularly elevated levels of cholesterol and fat in the body. The blood becomes much thicker, and in order to reach all the internal organs, the heart has to work much harder.

Besides hypertension many people are worried about stress and excessive nervousness. As a result, accelerated heartbeat, so the blood flows with much greater speed than usual.

I hope that after learning this information, you will realize how much chronic hypertension increases the risk of myocardial infarction and ischemic stroke.

Please note that these internal disorders can arise not only because of high blood pressure, but also because of impaired circulation.

How to use garlic to treat hypertension?

Part of garlic is beneficial a compound called “allicin“, which garlic has the ability to regulate blood pressure. Please note that the lower the pressure only if you use fresh garlic, otherwise the product will lose its properties.

The reason for this is that with increasing temperature, changing the molecular structure of the products. Of course, apparently this is the garlic, but its taste and useful properties significantly differ from the fresh product.

To improve the efficiency of garlic is best to combine it with foods that have powerful diuretic and antioxidant properties. This way you will be able to thin the blood and improve the health of arteries.

Garlic in powdered form sold in capsules or powder. Of course, the capsules are much more convenient, because the use of garlic in a form you don’t have to worry about unpleasant smell.

Believe me, this factor is very important, because if you have during the day to communicate a lot with other people, you may not want to smell like garlic.

Ground garlic can be used in cooking instead of salt. This useful spice is sure to give your dishes are incredibly spicy flavor. Garlic in the form of a hammer is perfect for vegetable salads, as well as fish and meat, fried on the grill.

Remember, however, that garlic need to season your meals already prepared, and not during their preparation, until the garlic has not lost its useful properties.

Please note: salt has the ability to raise blood pressure and stimulate release of antidiuretic hormones.

Garlic and olive oil

Among all natural remedies for the treatment of hypertension combination of olive oil and garlic is one of the most effective. Fatty acids omega-3 contained in olive oil, increase the flexibility of arteries and help reduce blood pressure.

•One of the best ways to cook a natural remedy for the treatment of hypertension is to soak a few cloves of garlic in a small container of olive oil. This pickled garlic is incredibly useful and effective means to improve well-being.

How to use oil, which is marinated garlic? It is possible to throw a piece of bread and put on top a slice of fresh tomato. Thus you just a few minutes can get incredibly delicious Mediterranean Breakfast with an incredible amount of nutrients.

Cold soups and mayonnaise sauces for the treatment of hypertension

If you want to lower your blood pressure a natural and safe way, is to cook gazpacho. This cold soup is not only delicious, but incredibly effective tool in the fight against hypertension.

In addition to garlic there are a number of healthy ingredients with powerful diuretic properties. One of the most popular diuretics foods are cucumbers and onions. Moreover, they do not only excrete the excess fluid, but also strengthen the walls of the arteries, replenish nutrients and improve the work of the organs of the cardiovascular system.

Garlic can be consumed not only in pure form, but also add to sauces, particularly the Aioli. The composition of this sauce includes the same beneficial products, namely, garlic and olive oil. Complements the sauce another incredibly nutritious product — chicken eggs.

How to use a garlic?

There are people who love garlic and can quite safely be used in pure form. However, many are not able to eat a clove of fresh garlic due to its specific taste. If you belong to the first type, try every morning, take one clove of garlic instead of a pill based on it.

If you don’t like garlic and not able to make it fresh, do not prematurely panic. There is nothing to worry, because many do not able to consume the fresh garlic, however, a way out, you can still find. Try supplements based on garlic or ground garlic to dishes.

Don’t forget that in addition to using natural remedies for the treatment of hypertension, you need to exercise regularly. The most effective cardio training, running and regular walks.

Physical activity not only improves circulation, but also accelerates the process of fat burning excess amount which prevents blood to circulate freely throughout the body.


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