The secrets of a perfect Ironing men’s shirts

Shirt part of the wardrobe, the Ironing process which is complex and specific.

Секрети ідеального прасування чоловічої сорочки

Young boys and grown men, in the locker room dominated by suits, often do not know how to iron a shirt. It’s certainly not a disaster, although many is justified by the fact that it is not masculine or phrases such as “under the jacket will not be seen”, informs Rus.Media.

But still representative of the stronger sex should not only do a man’s job, but to be able to sew a button or iron things if need be. Besides wrinkled shirt clearly visible under the jacket, especially the collar. So do not comfort yourself with illusions.

But if you can handle men, wives just have to know how to properly iron a shirt. And not only know in theory, but in practice to do it without any folds. Because every woman is important to the “second half” looked well-groomed and neat.

Knowing about the procedure of Ironing, it is difficult to learn to do it perfectly, it requires training. Gain experience, but first again read all the secrets and subtleties of how to properly iron men’s shirts.

The secrets of a perfect Ironing

  1. Drying men’s shirts you need on hangers and ironed still wet. In this case, the process of Ironing becomes easy and enjoyable. But if the fabric is still dry, before stroking, you need to moisten it using a spray bottle. To hydration was uniform, a shirt you can wrap in a towel and put in a plastic bag.
  2. Not the case with the silk shirts. It is better to Pat dry, but using a damp cloth. Traditional cheesecloth is not necessary to use, she can leave fingerprints. Rayon does not like sprinkling, otherwise the spots will not be gathered.
  3. Not all women will write Ironing to the list of your favorite chores. This process was comfortable, the equipment should be appropriate: Ironing Board and iron with stainless steel sole and thermostat. The possibility of control over the temperature mode will allow you to iron things out.
  4. The iron needs cleaning and changing of water filters. And all this should be done regularly, but not from case to case. During steaming, the iron is better not pour ordinary tap water, and distilled. When using salt deposits will be minimized, and thus decrease the probability to land a spot while Ironing.
  5. Iron the shirt to the front side, with the exception of shirts, dark colors and decorated with embroidery. If a shirt of dark fabric to iron on the front side, it will Shine from the left by the iron bands. There are times when you have ironed the shirt, not twisting inside, then it should be done carefully, only slightly touching the iron. To avoid tarnishing, with the inside made to be ironed and shirts from shiny fabrics.

Секрети ідеального прасування чоловічої сорочки

Temperature mode – the main nuance

Fabric type dictates the temperature. If we ignore this fact, you can burn and ruin favorite thing.

So, cotton shirts require care:

  • strong pressure iron;
  • wet steam;
  • 150-degree temperature.

If cotton add polyester, these products can withstand some low temperatures – 110 degrees. And many couples with their Ironing is not necessary.

Mode that is set when Ironing shirts made of linen, reminiscent of the care of the cotton fabric: heavy pressure and a lot of steam, but the temperature is much higher: 210-230 degrees. So is the case with a mixture of flax and cotton, set the temperature from 180 to 200 degrees, and for the cause!

For shirts viscose suitable temperature regime only 120 degrees. And the use of steam is permissible in small amounts.

It is not recommended to use steam when Ironing shirts with the effect of compactness, and small temperature – 110º.

Секрети ідеального прасування чоловічої сорочки

It’s all about technique

It is good to iron a shirt, you need to follow a certain sequence:

  1. collar;
  2. sleeve;
  3. cuffs;
  4. strap;
  5. shelf;
  6. back.

Tip: First ironed the small details, and then move on to larger, and then the result will exceed all expectations.

When Ironing the fabric can warp or stretch. To avoid this, move the iron along the main thread, keep it long in one place.

Секрети ідеального прасування чоловічої сорочки

How to iron a shirt collar?

The collar of the shirt, which should be paid much attention to ironed to give a perfect shape. To iron it needs from the corners towards the middle and have to start from the inside. From the front side to do it too is necessary, and it is absolutely identical way.

Tip: Bend the collar on the front is absolutely impossible, as well as derasanuhi this fold. If the shirt is wet, the collar need to iron until it is dry.

Will have to Tinker with soft collars, button placket, and there is no special equipment, just before all of the above I should add patience. A lot of patience!

Секрети ідеального прасування чоловічої сорочки

Go to other parts

The long sleeves begin to iron the cuffs. As well as the collar, they first depressurise from the inside.

A more subtle technique of Ironing a double cuff. Pat it out, observing the sequence of actions:

  • deploy cuffs;
  • Pat both sides without folds;
  • folded;
  • add the desired width;
  • to make up for the bend.

Go to the sleeves with them, too, will have some trouble. The algorithm is simple but laborious:

  • fold the sleeve in half;
  • to smooth the seam in the middle;
  • flip the sleeve;
  • Pat on the other hand;
  • fold the sleeve along the seam;
  • ironed from seam to the edge without leaving creases.

For easy Ironing of sleeves invented a special Board. If you have it, you just pull on her sleeve and iron in a circle.

Секрети ідеального прасування чоловічої сорочки

The front part of the shirt is also an area for Ironing. Subtleties in the work with this part a lot.

  1. Lay the right part of the shirt. The choice of hand depends on the fabric.
  2. Smoothen the top of the yoke.
  3. Pat another part, not forgetting the spaces between the buttons.
  4. Left and right shelves are smoothed equally. The left, as practice shows, faster: on it there are no buttons.

Iron the product must, gradually moving from the right seam to the left. The shirt returned and taken iron, in that order:

  1. side seam;
  2. along the seam of the sleeve;
  3. the right side of the yoke;
  4. the middle of the product;
  5. the left part of the yoke;
  6. along the seam of the left sleeve;
  7. down to the side seam.

A pile of crumpled shirts is not terrible, if enough knowledge in the question of how to properly iron a shirt. Exercise will help bring this process to automatism. And time on Ironing of one shirt will be significantly reduced. Patience to master this necessary skill.