The secrets of tolma in Armenia held a festival of national dishes



Hundreds of guests came to the festival of tolma in Armenian Etchmiadzin. A celebration in honor of a favorite dish there is conducted the ninth time and still cooks can surprise visitors. Than he remembered this year – told the correspondent of “MIR 24” Arpi Adamyan.

Dolma with grape and mulberry leaf, with meat and vegetables. Lala Poghosyan by profession not a chef, but near her counter is constantly crowded guests. A participant says: the most time-consuming dish – tolma with hemp. It takes two days.

“We have a whole day of processed hemp that left her fat. Next, 10 times struck, after all this, we prepare the stuffing. Then wrap in a cabbage leaf, and on top of adding the fat of hemp”, – said Pogosyan.

Next to last year’s winner of the festival in the nomination “the Best taste” by Anna Matevosyan. With her today is hard to beat: on her Desk 20 types of tolma. Anna used not only classic recipes, but cooked and onion dolma. She was one of the main dishes in the IX century during the reign of the dynasty Bagratuni.

“For lovers of sour I can offer dolma sweet and sour dried fruit. It also comes with rice. I do not cook in the pan, and a toner. I think this is the secret of my dishes”, said the woman.

Taste – most importantly, evaluate the judges. It needs to be as close to a classic. And for those who like to experiment, have created a special category “Best idea”.

“Today we tasted different types of tolma. The guys worked hard. Each participant tried. Especially when they brought a huge table, was made of the fortress. This is probably the handiwork of the military unit. I myself took me to new tastes, new ideas, new ways”, – said the President of the Association of cooks of the Republic of Buryatia, member of the jury of the festival Ervand kalachian.

Dolma is a favorite dish not only among the Armenians. It is also known abroad. Therefore, the festival many foreign tourists.

“She tried to cook. Now I want to see another kitchen, another cooking experience. Listen to the music of the Armenian divine,” – said the head of Oksana Tolmacheva.

In total, the festival presented 60 types of dishes. And professional chefs cooked dolma together with a length of 100 meters. This large roll of thousands of pieces will qualify for a place in the Guinness Book of records.

In the world there are more than 80 varieties of dolma. And the first mention of the dish dates back to V century ad.