The sector Croche-McCormick, to discover

Le secteur Croche-McCormick, à découvrir

LAKE CROCHE | Of all the fishing destinations of the Laurentides wildlife reserve, the area Croche-McCormick is the one who always responds to the expectations of the fishermen.

Located in the south-west of the reserve, accessible by Saint-Raymond in Portneuf, this fishing site is led by the master’s hand for several years by the manager Denis Rousseau. He has been able to develop a type of service that is very popular with fishermen.

“We can be proud of what we offer here because Denis [Rousseau] and his team have managed to create a unique place where fishermen can benefit from special attention “, explains the director of the reserve, Mr. Sylvain Boucher.

The site of the lakes Croche and McCormick offers a fishing experience and exceptional nature.

“They appreciate greatly, if we rely on the comments that they make us arrive at the result of their stay. “

It is necessary to stay there to understand what these little more. It is enough to mention that when you leave or as you return from the fishing, there is always a responsible to the dock to welcome you.

The catch is eviscerated by the staff. For fishing, engines, fuel, coolers with ice, and life jackets are provided.

At the edge of the wharf on the lake Croche, you will discover a bathymetric map with good corners, very useful to know a good fishing. “We wanted to go even further this season, by building shelters for the shore lunch on lake Croche, on the lake McCormick, and on the edges of the lake Taurelle,” adds the director.

“It is a plus that enables fishermen to be able to rest, shelter and even take the time to enjoy their meal. In each of them, there is a BBQ on the gas. Also, we can provide a box for the shore lunch containing all that is necessary to achieve it. Since we have implemented this service, the people are delighted. “

During your stay, take advantage of it to make you cook up a shore lunch by the guide Gabriel Late.


One of the important points to emphasize for this site, it is the quality of the accommodation. There are several cottages of a capacity of two people and others for four, six and even eight people.

“We wanted to offer this variety in order to meet the demands of the fishermen today, who, often, are looking for first and foremost a place easy of access, where they can have their couple intimacy, in advance by the director. People are looking for this type of accommodation. For groups, the large cottage for eight people can fulfil their needs. “

All the chalets are equipped with solar energy. Inside, the kitchen and the bathroom are complete. To the front of each cottage there is a screened porch, to preserve you from the attacks of mosquitoes.

On the ground, you can walk quietly, enjoying the sites for camp fires.

It is necessary to believe that the fishing enthusiasts who are attending appreciate it, since the customer reserve year after year. The calm and the atmosphere that prevail and make the difference.


The 25 lakes in the area contain a majority of the speckled trout. In lakes Croche and McCormick, there is a red in Quebec.

To a period of the spring, the packages are sold with the presence of a guide. You can go on some small lakes which contain very fine specimens, up to two and even three books. For the rest, we can think of the trout of 9 to 12 inches in quantity.

You can go fishing at any time on the lac Croche in front of the cottages. It gives you very good guidance on the best fishing spots. You can also try your luck on some small lakes.

During our visit, we wanted to explore the lake McCormick, with easy access from the lake Croche.

We’ve been able to do very easily our fishing with beautiful trout that weighed up to half a pound.

To capture them, my companion, the director, had chosen to use a Clear Lake gold and silver. For my part, I chose the Clear Lake Deep silver and chartreuse. Add to this a low line of 24 inches and a good mound of earth worms, and catches were at the rendezvous.

On the sonar, they could see pits filled with speckled, some of which seemed very large specimens.

Due to the hot weather, they were held in 27-28 feet of water. It is for this reason that I chose a lure that is more severe, a choice that has been paid. A fishing adventure !

For information : or 418 528-6868, extension 5239.

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