“The security service said Giuliani to flee Ukraine”

"Служба безопасности сказала Джулиани срочно покинуть Украину"

Shokin in Kiev met with Giuliani and said the dismissal of corruption Biden and that his alleged double-poisoned and almost killed.Personal lawyer trump Rudy Giuliani issued another batch of sensations to Ukrainedate and the case of impeachment after a trip to Kiev in early December.

One of them concerns the former Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, whom he brought to the witness in the case against Biden. As Giuliani wrote in his “Twitter”, Shokin was allegedly poisoned twice, but was saved, and there is medical confirmation.

Lawyer trump attributes this to the fact that Shokin tried to investigate “corruption Biden”.

“We invited Shokin to meet outside Ukraine, but he could not come, citing poor health because, as he explained, poisoning. And then we flew to him in Kiev”, – said “the Country” Chanel Rion, a journalist close to the Republican cable channel OAN, who along with Giuliani were filming the series, as she States, with exposure of the case of impeachment.

On the eve of Giuliani met in Budapest with another former Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko accused the ex-US Ambassador in Ukraine, Ms. Marie L. Yovanovitch of perjury before Congress and that it did not grant visas to witnesses who are “unable to prove the corruption of Biden and Democrats”.

Lutsenko also said the theft “grant -” billions of American aid under the “roof” of the American Embassy.

What will all these revelations, find out the “Country”.

Trail Pinchuk and Soros

In Kiev Giuliani flew incognito, which, by the way, I was surprised Lutsenko. He said that it was a surprise when the lawyer trump along with the crew entered the aircraft on a flight to Kiev in which he was flying.

The place of dislocation Giuliani and his movement in Kiev was classified.

“And when the media found out where we are, our security team told us to flee Ukraine. December 6 at midnight, we flew from Kiev to Vienna,” says Rion, with whom Giuliani met with the Ukrainian “witness.”

According to her, in the Kiev airport at the same time, they said the sources, allegedly were Victor Pinchuk and close to the Democrats billionaire donor George Soros, with which it is associated. However, Pinchuk, in an interview with the American media deny that he followed Giuliani and say that he is not aware of the visits of the Soros Foundation in Ukraine in recent years.

Also, says Rion, on the day of departure Giuliani in Kiev have stepped up patrols (which, incidentally, was the Day of the armed forces).

Want transcripts Poroshenko-Biden

In the Kiev investigation Giuliani appears Poroshenko. First, in the case of laundered through a Tempelton Fund more than $ 7 billion in the Scam allegedly participated Yanukovych, Poroshenko and Biden (this ally trump said the MP from the “Servants of the people” Alexander Dubinsky.

The other part is dismissal, Shokin, who was investigating corruption in the oil company “Burime”, where he worked for Biden’s son. According to the Shokin, Poroshenko withdrew it at the request of Biden, has threatened to hold a billion dollars of US aid.

“Poroshenko said to me, “Look, this is have been terminated. Patience Biden excised”. Seizure of assets “Burimi” was the last straw,” – said Shokin OAN.

Giuliani claims that Shokin had provided documents which prove the money-laundering company Burisma and Biden.

“Trump want to require telephone transcripts of conversations between Biden and Poroshenko during the period from December 2015 to mid-February 2016, when Shokin resigned. It may finally bury the matter of impeachment. Investigation of Giuliani in Ukraine is unprofitable, in particular, Poroshenko, who will be in the unflattering light of the dismissal of the Prosecutor General at the request of the United States, and Pinchuk, who is close to the Democrats. And as surrounded by Zelensky there are people Pinchuk, and the current President on the stretch,” said us surrounded by Giuliani.

“Without a clean environment and things Biden will not be meeting with trump”

“Actually, while Zelensky will not get rid of people Pinchuk and Soros in their environment until the investigation into Biden and the intervention of Ukraine in the American elections in 2016 – there will be no meeting with trump, which was planned a month or support. Not the lobbyists, through which he tries to establish a relationship with the White house,” says “the Country,” a source in the political circles of Washington.

That ze for friendship with trump hires a lobbying firm, wrote the New York Times. Of these firms (Mercury Public Affairs, Prime Policy Group) is associated with the former political strategist of the US President Paul Manafort, the case against which hyped when Poroshenko in the midst of the American election campaign that could discredit trump.

The desire of the Ukrainian side to turn to lobbyists may be due to the fact that now Zelensky necessary people in the United States, which will transmit in the White house it was his position and not someone else’s interpretation of his words.

Better, experts say, in this case will serve as Ambassador than a lobbyist, but his confirmation was delayed for almost six months.

And that on 16 December it became known his name – they will be the 60-year-old Volodymyr Yelchenko, Ukraine’s permanent representative to the UN and former Ambassador to Russia. It has issued the approval (consent USA).

Around the Ambassador, Washington and Kiev were differences. According to our sources, the administration trump prefer to see the Ukrainian Ambassador to the USA Andrei Telizhenko (the same one who declared the interference in Ukraine elections in the United States).

“But Telizhenko was great resistance from Kiev”, – said the source.

Yelchenko including the need to negotiate on the meeting, trump and Zelensky, and to lobby for support of Ukraine.

In Kiev, writes the New York Times, resent due to the fact that the White house ceased to mention the meeting of the two presidents, which was planned for the end of January 2020, and also due to the lack of support from Washington in the negotiations with Moscow.

“Trump did not write a single tweet during the meeting “Norman four” in Paris, and the next day met with Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (although the level would have to meet with the head of the state Department). For Kiev should be a Wake-up call with Lavrov that the US President occurs, and Zelensky no. And that means that the rapprochement with the White house need to fulfill his expectations on personnel policy and the case against Biden,” says our source in Washington political circles.

At the same time, a source in the Ukrainian diplomatic circles told “the Country” that Kiev is skeptical about the claims the White house.

“In Kiev was convinced that the Ukrainian policy of the United States is determined not so much trump, how many state Department officials who live in their program. Relations with the President of the United States of course important, but decisions are made at the state Department, where very unhappy with the activity Giuliani and informally recommends that the Ukrainian officials with him not to have it. And while the environment trump is not convinced the Ukrainian government that it must be considered. And because of Giuliani and no one was found, when he came to Kiev, and nobody at this stage we do not intend to help the people filing the cases by Biden. Although no one will drown trump, helping the Democrats to give him an impeachment,” says the source.

“Collusion with Kolomoisky was not”

Meanwhile, after a visit by Giuliani in Kiev in Ukraine have been rumors emerging about the Union’s trump and Kolomoisky. These rumors fueled a number of news. In particular, a meeting with Giuliani’s Deputy by Dubinsky, who is considered close to the oligarch.

However, surrounded by Giuliani “conspiracy” trump and Kolomoisky is not confirmed.

“Kolomoisky is trying to make contact. His people actively helped Giuliani. But our position is such that Kolomoisky need to keep my distance. It really is a big criminal problem in the United States, and soon, possibly, will be in Europe because of the scandal with the possible bribery of leader of right-wing Austrian party FPO strache. Therefore, Kolomoisky is no one promises” – told us one of the participants Giuliani in Kiev.Alexander Kharchenko

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