The selected dog will tell you what kind of man you are looking for is

Выбранный пес расскажет какой мужчина для вас идеален

For anybody not a secret that different people suits different type of men. Because all women are different and each is waiting for the execution of their desires.

We offer a little bit to play and to choose the dog that you like the most.

Выбранный пес расскажет какой мужчина для вас идеален

Two not-choose the one that you like the most.

But if you choose one of the dogs — then read something interesting about yourself in the end.

1.Aristocratic Retriever

If you chose the dog, then the best option for you men is a smart and calm man. Important for you not external beauty as grooming in a man. For you it is incredibly important that happened in between understanding and trust.

Women like you, not inclined to change partners as gloves, rather you love for life. You faithful to his love until, until he crossed some very horrible hell.

Warm and positive, with a slight luck, you find it difficult to trust immediately, the man needs to win you over gradually. Know how to inspire a man to any exploits.

2.Faithful shepherd

If you chose this dog, the love for you is not an empty word. If you like, love, and soul. You are a fantastic host and for their children will break anyone. Often choose such men, who do not appreciate what you create in your family, they quickly get used to good and believe that everything is as it arises. However, nothing they did.

Suits you a man who will truly appreciate your efforts. Next to the Queen should be the only king. And you really are a Queen and very chic woman. Even in sweats you know how to look chic, if your man appreciates you.

3.A cute little Terrier

Your charisma bloom flowers. However, despite your femininity inside you steel rod. Suits you a man which will be stronger than you, because within you the flame, and her eyes Shine with magical light.

For many men, you femme fatale, they remember you forever. You need a man who will take responsibility for themselves.

At a younger age you’ve chosen men weaker than you that good does not end, they just unworthy.

4.Calm and attentive dog

You need a man who will protect you from all ills of the world. To your marrying him you really were like a stone wall.

Gentle and kind, you accept any quirks and habits of your favorite and usually are never dissatisfied. However, there is something fatally you and you do not forgive is cheating.

Do you honestly work on a relationship and create her husband and children the rear, they need. Easily smooth out rough edges and all watch.

If you do not fancy dog

Do you have a creative soul, what works for you is not just a word but a lifestyle. You love everything unusual, able to literally “read” people.

Suits you the sensitive and caring man with understanding will apply to change your mood.

Due to your man you will not live, but greedy men can’t stand. Generosity for you more of an indicator of generosity of the soul

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