The selected petal Tsvetik-Semitsvetik will tell what the next 7 months of 2018 as of June

Выбранный лепесток Цветика-Семицветика расскажет какие будут следующие 7 месяцев 2018 года начиная с июня

It’s very simple, look at the picture, select the petal and find out what awaits you in the future.

1. Yellow.

General recommendations. This year will be a year of new starts. It is useless to look back, rake up the past and try to carry out last year’s plans. Try to foresee everything and move forward. Before you open up possibilities that you never dreamed of. Seeding this year will give abundant fruit in the future.

Professional prospects. The situation favors the change of occupation or service position — career advancement or transition to a new job. Unit — a symbol of renewal and may also mean a move a good investment, travel or open.

Personal life. If you live alone, then you will have a need for independence from a partner.

If you single (not married), you shouldn’t feel sorry for yourself or beat around the Bush. Better strongly to take the first step. This year you will have a real opportunity to establish a long novel or to experience a strong passion.

How should I behave? Enthusiasm, courage, optimism, and enthusiasm — that’s your trump card. Everything new will bring good luck.

How not to behave? Your enemies are laziness and a sense of dependence. Do not sow weeds!

Color: Yellow.

Jewel: Topaz.

Key word: JOY.

2. Green.

General recommendations. The number 2 is the symbol of duality and precarious balance. You may feel dependent on any man or circumstance, and this will interfere with you to act. The rhythm of life will slow down, there are some internal and external contradictions.

Professional prospects. The number 2 is not suitable for starting a new business. It is better to focus on improving previously created. It is a favorable time for collective work on long-term projects. You will need attention and willingness to work.

Personal life. All depends on the situation at the moment. If you live together and the relationship becomes strained, then it is time to leave. On the contrary, if your feelings of harmony, the relationship will become stronger. Will the marriage, as required by the number 2. Alone year promises an important meeting — it can cause rupture of old ties or the emergence of new.

How should I behave? Now is not the time to sow or harvest. Better to take care of the germination of new ideas and desires. Maintain stability and equilibrium in relations with the outside world.

How not to behave? Impatience, restlessness and the desire for independence you will only get in the way. This is the year of semitones, rather than active activities.

Color: Green.

Jewels: Emerald/Jade.

Key word: PRACTICAL.

3. Blue.

General recommendations. This is the year of new opportunities and situations to which you will have to adapt. Before you open new horizons. Desires that were hidden in you, will finally be fulfilled. You a new look at things, at people and, maybe, themselves.

Professional prospects. This year the usual routine become intolerable. There is a desire to expand the boundaries of, work in new ways or in the other direction. This year is especially favorable for any work requiring expression: foreign languages, literature, film, media, etc.

Personal life. If you are single or not married, the year will be generous in meeting new friends and loved ones. Festive mood conducive to easy relationships and adventures. In family relations one should expect for changes, updates, feelings, or the birth of a child. In any case, the rhythm of life changed considerably.

How should I behave? Show interest to everything that is happening around, look at life from a positive point of view, listen to the desires (within reason) and take a chance: this year you can bet on the future.

How not to behave? Don’t be afraid of the future, do not refuse the new plans, do not sit idly by.

Color: Blue.

Jewelry: Turquoise/ Aquamarine.

Key word: CHANGE.

4. Blue.

General recommendations. The year is intended to build durable structures. The efforts of past years will begin to bear fruit. Do not relax, now you must patiently move towards the goal, constantly overcoming one obstacle after another, without trying to change the situation. The number 4 suggests a test of endurance.

Professional prospects. You will have a lot of work, it will take a lot of diligence and perseverance. Trust to luck and his talent, desire to work and organizational skills. You think results come fast enough, but only hard work you will be able to create something solid and stable.

Personal life. Don’t expect this year’s light flirting or burning passion. Heart loyalty and genuine affection — that’s what you need. This year you have to devote to the strengthening and creation. If you are not satisfied with the current situation, know that next year you will change.

How should I behave? You must show courage, responsibility, discernment, which is capable of.

How not to behave? Do not throw in work and in feeling, do not give in to impatience and pessimism.

Color: Blue.

Jewelry: Pearl/Sapphire,Lapis Lazuli.


5. Purple. Purple.

General recommendations. In the new year, you look at their past (and therefore future) through the eyes of others: a desire to start a new life and maybe leave part of the past. This year promises important development, progress and newfound freedom.

Professional prospects. A burning desire to live a new life makes you on the go to jump into a train going into the unknown. the time has come to change occupation, to try to work independently, to increase or to develop a new project. A good time to move, travel, lifestyle changes or work.

Personal life. If you are single or not married, you expect a new meeting and Dating. You have all the possibilities in order to attract. Couples will feel the change in the relationship. With a change of rhythm of life comes the desire to communicate and love differently. If your relationship has problems, remember that this year’s increases desire for freedom.

How should I behave? In the new year can happen anywhere. The habitual way of life will be broken. Do not look back, do not build far-reaching plans, as more fully live in the present day. Tranquility, harmony, confidence!

How not to behave? Basic mistakes: fear of change and the desire to cling to what is. This year — a leap into the unknown, which at first glance is intimidating. But then you will be able to recognize that change has affected you positively.

Color: Purple. Purple.

Jewel: Amethyst.

Key word: FAITH.

6. Red.

General recommendations. If the previous year has brought changes and anxiety, and your ship thoroughly battered by the wind, in the new year there will be a need to sort out their feelings, find happiness in family and to live in love and harmony with your loved ones. This is an important period when you will be able to regain a sense of confidence and security.

Professional prospects. Entering a new phase. You are at a crossroads, and the time has come to make a choice. Options: a promotion, a major operation with Finance or real estate. The number 6 gives an opportunity to improve their social situation and relationships at work.
Personal life. You acutely feel the need for peace and quiet and warm and peaceful relations.

Bachelors have a good chance to strengthen relationships with loved ones. The couple that lack of certainty, perhaps an upgrade in relations, moving or birth of a child. This year will bring peace between parents and children. This is the period of validation of the feelings of maturity.

How should I behave? This year will be crucial to your relationship with loved ones. Learn to live in good harmony with your loved ones and yourself.

How not to behave? Your enemies this year — the arrogance, the selfishness, the desire for freedom at any cost. Think about others and not just ourselves.

Color: Red.

Jewel: Ruby.


7. Orange.

General recommendations. Those who believe that life is a long quiet river, will be very surprised.You will encounter unforeseen obstacles and unexpected successes.

Professional prospects. This year you will not be able to be finalized (it will happen next year). This is a transitional period which gives an opportunity to reflect on what goals you need to achieve. If circumstances allow, learn, read, meditate — in short, educate yourself. Try to get rid of the routine, look for what you are missing.

Personal life. On the foreground there are not relationships with others, and harmony with yourself. In family relations cannot be forced or desired distance. Remember this and tell your partner that you need some fresh air. Bachelors or unmarried expecting.

How should I behave? To relax, to live in peace with yourself, to travel, to be enriched spiritually, to strive for independence. The number 7 provides the time and opportunity.

How not to behave? Do not make detailed plans, don’t risk the money, do not force events.

Color: Orange.

Jewel: moonstone.

Key word: PATIENCE.

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