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Продавец воздуха из израильской Герцлии

Judging by the latest interview Kolomoisky, the oligarch gives the RF signal that he is ready to negotiate. Why there are no chances of Kolomoisky, and all these attempts is to “search for yesterday” ?

Judging by the latest interview Kolomoisky, the oligarch gives the RF signal that he is ready to negotiate. Is there a chance?


But no matter how he tries Kolomoisky, Moscow demonstrates a complete indifference to his gestures. What is the reason of this blacklist?

Kolomoisky has intensified in the media since the beginning of the presidential election. He nervously criticized Poroshenko, handing out compliments Tymoshenko and praised Zelensky. And with a victory Zelensky oligarch began to give interviews directly after the machine-gun fire. Basically, if You pay attention, the whole interview Kolomoisky are built on the same pattern – the same supply as the main “reshaly” with Zelensky, stories about what economic policy to be “servants of the people” and, finally, the demonstrative signals in the direction of Russia.

Kolomoisky shocked everyone when suddenly began to call the war in the Donbass internal conflict and began to encourage Kiev to negotiate with Moscow, and Donetsk and Lugansk. However, only a few professional “patriots” dared to present the oligarch behind the “zradu.” Although Poroshenko they are like a pack of jackals to attack people for less.

Autumn revelation

His recent interview with The New York Times, the tycoon also turned to the triumph of outrageousness. And not only because the plain text accused the United States in the war in the Donbass and urged the Ukrainian authorities to improve relations with Russia.

Kolomoisky expressed a seditious thought that Ukraine is not welcome neither in the EU nor in NATO. But most importantly, the plain text began to threaten the United States and the collective West “geopolitical pivot” to Russia. According to him, the alleged Kremlin dreams of how to give Ukraine 100 billion dollars, and the greedy States, along with NATO, nothing.

What happened? Of course, it is not necessary to believe that Kolomoisky suddenly at the behest of the soul pulled back, “where the smell of Russian spirit”, or he longed for dear birches in the meadow.

More vital is the fact that Kolomoisky has decided to play in the multi-vector, as in the good old days of Kuchma and Yanukovych.

It should be recalled that the representatives of the IMF, the EU and the United States have repeatedly expressed concerns about the growing influence Kolomoisky on the various branches and levels of government of Ukraine.

And the IMF, and the EU has taken a tough public stance against the return of “Privat” Kolomoisky and his business partners, or against compensation for the nationalization of the Bank in 2016. Remember what a scandal erupted when the new Prime Minister Goncharuk in the interview to The Financial Times said that the Cabinet seeks payment options Kolomoisky “Privat” – the head of the government then he realized that “he was misunderstood”?

Another problem for Kolomoisky is the investigation that lead him against US law enforcement agencies. But even this is not the main threat, and the Chancery court in Delaware, which hears allegations of money laundering, which threatens Kolomoisky serious trouble.

Therefore, the oligarch and began to scare the “Washington obkom” geopolitical pivot to the East. But the fact that after the February 2014 Ukraine is under external control of the US, the IMF and the EU, so the oligarch banal desires do not coincide with the possibilities.

In search of yesterday

As for Russia, the Russian government is conducting a course aimed to reduce dependence on Ukrainian components (the so-called “import substitution”).

Today, that is, it is not the time. And Ukraine, if soberly to calculate the volume of export and import, is far from being a priority for the Russian leadership. According if the estimate for the period from September 2018 to September 2019, Ukraine with 2.1 % of the total export to Russia is only 14th place among the markets. As for imports, the share of Ukraine for Russia, too, is only 2.1 % is 10th place among importing countries to the Russian market. Among the matters of mutual interest, remains the GTS, but after starting bypass pipelines like the “Nord stream-2”, the importance of Ukrainian “pipe” for Russia, too, will fall.

Kolomoisky, feeding signals to the Kremlin, trying to find a new ally, as fears of “carrot” from the United States. However, it should be clearly understood that the political elite of the USA and EU hardly scared of the “geopolitical pivot” in the performance of Kolomoisky. Rather, Kolomoisky personally creates for himself the image of “toxic” and unpredictable person who can stop the plans of external actors. Therefore, there is a risk that American and European politicians and diplomats will more rigidly to demand from Zelensky and his colleagues keep a distance from Kolomoisky, until the expulsion from the country.

Who is trustworthy

But the main problem for Kolomoisky is that the Kremlin did not expect. For all its signals none of the leadership of the Russian Federation has not responded, except the Director of the Center for political conjuncture Alexei Chesnakov, who, after the exchange of prisoners on September 7 in a rigid form wrote in his Telegram channel that in Russia no one will ever agree on anything with Kolomoisky. Please note, Chesnakov openly wrote that Kolomoisky was outfitted and financed dobrobiti and “Right sector”, making it clear that none of the elite of the Russian Federation will not negotiate with a person who is so “black” image in the eyes of the Russian audience.

The position of the elite of the Russian Federation remained unchanged for many years and is that will negotiate only with those who can be trusted. And today, for the Kremlin the only person that you trust, is Viktor Medvedchuk. The President Putin at the BRICS summit in Brazil, talking about a new contract on the purchase and transit of gas, made it clear that such strategic issues the leadership of the Russian Federation discussed with Medvedchuk.

It is therefore not surprising that no matter how knocked emissaries Kolomoisky in Moscow thresholds AP, ministries and departments, no one wanted to talk to them.

Recall that Kolomoisky 10 years ago started building up a negative credit history in relations with Russia. In the 2009-2010 “privatovtsy” concentrated 47 % of shares of company “Ukrtatnafta”, control of the Kremenchug refinery. Actually Kolomoisky and company has selected the Kremenchug oil refinery the previous owners in the face of the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers, government of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Tatar company “Tatneft”.

Although Tatar “Tatneft” has achieved victory in the international courts, the Ukrainian government is in no hurry to act on those decisions, and Kolomoisky, and even more so.

Thus, a sober assessment shows that all threats Kolomoisky about the “geopolitical turn” – just trying to “sell air” and “looking for yesterday”. That is why the Kremlin his verbal gymnastics are ignored, and the maximum that the oligarch can be achieved in the West – is to exacerbate their current problems.
Sergey Lozovskiy

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